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20KTS+ (20 Knots Plus)
Address: Chichester, United Kingdom
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: The MARINE MOJO is a new iteration of the SKI MOJO that has been re-designed to reduce injury and fatigue from the vibrations of fast-moving small marine craft. The MARINE MOJO is currently being tested by a number of Navies.
Business Website Address: http://www.20knots-plus.com
Products & Projects:


ABLE Human Motion
Address: Barcelona, Spain
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: ABLE Human Motion is a spin-off from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and is developing the ABLE Exoskeleton - a powered walking assist device with the intent of both lower cost and home use.
Business Website Address: https://www.ablehumanmotion.com
Products & Projects:


Againer Ski
Address: Riga, Latvia
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: A small company that makes ski enhancement braces with gas-powered springs at the knees for shock absorption and weight transfer to the ski boots.
Business Website Address: https://againer-ski.com
Products & Projects:

Againer System

Agilik Technologies
Address: Vancouver, Canada
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Agilik Technologies has entered the exoskeleton market with the Strydr - a powered pediatric walking assistance exoskeleton. Agilik uses technology licensed from Bionic Power.
Business Website Address: https://agilik.com
Products & Projects:


Alkeris Co., Ltd.
Address: Yokohama, Japan
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Alkeris' initial exoskeleton product, the Archelis, is manufactured by Nitto Co., Ltd. under the supervision of Jichi Medical University and Tokyo Medical and Dental University while being design is done by Nishimura Taki Design.
Business Website Address: https://www.archelis.com/
Products & Projects:

Archelis chairless-chair type of passive exoskeleton.

Angel Robotics
Address: Seoul, South Korea
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Originally established as SG Robotics, Angel-Robotics creates powered walking assist exoskeletons for adults and children.
Business Website Address: http://angel-robotics.com/en/
Products & Projects:

Walkon Suit, Angel-Suit

Address: Aichi, Japan
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Aska has worked in conjunction with Fujita Health University to create the WPAL
Products & Projects:

WPAL (Wearable Power Assist Locomotor)

ASTM International
Address: West Conshohocken, PA
Short Business Description: ASTM International is an international standards organization that facilitates a committee on exoskeletons as well as starting a center of excellence on exo technology.
Business Website Address: https://www.astm.org
Products & Projects:

Committee F48 on Exoskeletons and Exosuits, Exo Technology Center of Excellence

Address: Nara City, Japan
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Formally referred to as Panasonic ActiveLink, ATOUN has built an impressive portfolio of industrial powered exoskeleton products and prototypes (with some work on medical assistive devices as well).
Business Website Address: http://atoun.co.jp
Products & Projects:

ATOUN Model Y, ATOUN Model A

Auxivo AG
Address: Zürich, Switzerland
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Auxivo AG was incorporated in 2019 as a Spin-Off from the Rehabilitation Engineering Lab at ETH Zürich.
Business Website Address: https://www.auxivo.com
Products & Projects:


Address: Oradea, Romania
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: A small, two man company that is striving to create a powered lower-body exoskeleton for paraplegics that still have some motor function in the legs for the price of a mid-sized car.
Business Website Address: http://www.axosuits.com
Products & Projects:


Address: Quebec City, Canada
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: B-Temia is a human augmentation systems company that specializes in powered knee exoskeletons.
Business Website Address: https://www.b-temia.com
Products & Projects:


Bama Teknoloji
Address: Ankara, Turkey
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: The company focuses on walking rehabilitation systems originally starting with a fixed-frame exoskeleton over a treadmill and later introducing a hip-knee powered exoskeleton.
Business Website Address: http://www.bamateknoloji.com/?lang=en
Products & Projects:

RoboGait, FreeGait

Beyond Robotics
Address: Meilen, Switzerland
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: The EduExo is the first STEM education exoskeleton kit.
Business Website Address: https://www.beyond-robotics.com
Products & Projects:


Address: Flagstaff, Arizona, U.S.
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Biomotum is a medical device start-up that is developing a robotic ankle assist device for individuals with movement disorders. The company envisions initially applying its knowledge for pediatric gait rehabilitation and clinicians.
Business Website Address: https://www.biomotum.com/
Products & Projects:

Robotic Ankle Assist Device

Bionic Power
Address: Vancouver, Canada
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: A spin-off from Simon Fraser University, Bionic Power specializes in a knee brace that harvests power while walking. The power can be used to run small devices or recharge batteries.
Business Website Address: https://www.bionic-power.com
Products & Projects:

PowerWalk® Kinetic Energy Harvester

Bionic Yantra
Address: Bengaluru, India
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Bionic Yantra is India’s first medical wearable robotics company. "This is a Made-In-India product intended to cater to the needs of the disabled in India and of course other countries."
Business Website Address: https://www.bionicyantra.com
Products & Projects:

Affordable gait rehabilitation powered exoskeletons.

Bionik Laboratories
Address: Toronto, Canada
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Bionic Laboratories focuses on upper body rehabilitation robotics. Previously, the company had a lower body-powered exoskeleton in development (ARKE).
Business Website Address: https://www.bioniklabs.com
Products & Projects:

InMotion ARM™, InMotion ARM/HAND™, InMotion WRIST™

Bioservo Technologies
Address: Kista, Sweden
Short Business Description: Bioservo is a leader in the sales and development of powered glove exoskeleton devices for work and industry as well as activities for daily living.
Business Website Address: https://www.bioservo.com
Products & Projects:

Ironhand®, Carbonhand®

Address: Beijing, China
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: C-Exoskeletons (CEXO) is positioning itself to be a pioneer of soft exoskeletons (exosuits).
Business Website Address: http://www.exoskeletonrobot.cn
Address: Torino, Italy
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Comau is a specialist in industrial automation under the direction and coordination of Fiat Chrysler. The MATE is a passive shoulder support exoskeleton for work and industry.
Business Website Address: https://www.comau.com/EN/MATE
Products & Projects:


COST Action CA16116
Address: EU
Short Business Description: COST Action 16116 - Wearable Robots, Augmentation, Assistance or Substitution of Human Motor Function runs March 15, 2017, to March 14, 2021.
Business Website Address: https://wearablerobots.eu
Products & Projects:

Workgroups 1-6

Address: Traña - Matiena, Spain
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Cyber Human Systems is a spin-off created by Gogoa Mobility Robots that designs and commercializes industrial exoskeletons for the workplace.
Business Website Address: https://en.cyberhs.eu/
Products & Projects:


Address: Tsukuba, Japan
Short Business Description: CYBERDYNE is one of the first commercial pioneers of exoskeleton technology in the world. Primarily in the medical field, the company has also begun branching off into exoskeletons for logistics.
Business Website Address: https://www.cyberdyne.jp/english/
Products & Projects:

HAL Lower Limb, HAL Single Joint, HAL Lumbar

Daiya Industry
Address: Okayama, Japan
Short Business Description: Daiya Industry works with Japanese universities on commercializing soft exoskeletons. Its primary focus is on medical devices with some branching off to industrial applications.
Products & Projects:

DARWING PA-Jacket, DARWING Power Assist Glove, DARWING Power Assist Walk

Address: Maynard, Massachusetts
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Dephy is a robot design firm with the primary goal of bringing humans Beyond Nature™. The company's founders have extensive links with MIT biomechatronics research.
Business Website Address: http://www.dephy.com
Products & Projects:

Dephy ExoBoot

Ekso Bionics
Address: Richmond, CA, USA
Short Business Description: Formerly Berkeley Bionics, over the last decade this company has worked both alone and in conjunction with various private and government entities. Ekso Bionics is one of the founding companies of the exoskeleton industry.
Business Website Address: https://eksobionics.com
Products & Projects:

EksoNR, EksoVest

Address: Volgograd, Russia
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Ekzar34 is one of the newest additions to the exoskeleton industry. The company has started producing passive upper body medical exoskeletons for children and adults.
Business Website Address: http://en.ekzar34.ru
Products & Projects:

Ekzar34, Rex S, passive upper-body medical exoskeletons

Ergosante Technologie
Address: Anduze, France
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: The main exoskeleton product, the ShivaExo, is an upper-body modular passive exoskeleton for work and industry.
Business Website Address: https://www.shivaexo.fr/en/
Products & Projects:

ShivaExo - passive shoulder support, le HAPO - passive hip exoskeleton

Address: Rhône-Alpes, France
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Exhauss specializes in modular shoulder support passive exoskeletons.
Business Website Address: http://www.exhauss.com/en_welcome.htm
Products & Projects:


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