HAPO is designed to reduce lumbar stress and preserve the intervertebral discs. It works by partially redirecting the forces from the upper trunk (chest support) to the thighs with the help of springs. The belt allows support without the restraint of the lumbar vertebrae.



The HAPO assists workers by assisting in a standing position and maintaining good posture.  As the yellow spring is bent when leaning over or squatting the lower back is supported by redirecting force to the upper thigh. The lumbar vertebrae are supported by a belt which does not restrict the user motion.

It is available in 3 sizes and takes as little as 40 seconds to put on and 15 seconds to take off.  The fabric is breathable, washable, and water repellent. The spring system can be unlocked or locked allowing for free motion when the spring is not needed.

The HAPO is a passive, spring-actuated hip exoskeleton for back support. It is designed to reduce muscular-skeletal disorders of the back of the lumbar such as low back pain and herniated discs while working in the following range of motion:

  • “In a static standing position, it allows physical assistance as soon as the back forms an angle greater than 5°.”
  • “In dynamic flexion, it allows, from the crouching position hands on the ground to the position arms at height (at hip level), to assist the lower back.”

The elastic elements of the HAPO are made of composite fibers that can provide up to 14kg (30 lbs) of support, while the total weight of the exoskeleton comes to about 1.2kg (2 lbs). The HAPO is highly adjustable, allowing the user to change the distance and position of the spring element relative to their body using straps.

This entry has been updated with the assistance of Thomas Sugar, Director of the Wearable Robotics Association link.

ErgoSanté, 28 ZA Labahou, 30140 Anduze, France, website

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