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Welcome to the ExoskeletonReport.com, an entirely volunteer-based organization focused exclusively on exoskeletons, exosuits, and wearable devices that exert a force on the user.  The Exoskeleton Report LLC became incorporated in 2017 but to date, does not have a revenue stream.  This is entirely a volunteer effort.  This places the Exoskeleton Report in a unique position: we are not beholden to any one company, laboratory or organization, and we don’t care which products come out on top when the dust settles.  We only care that the exoskeleton industry continues to proliferate and evolve, and we do that by:

  1. Providing hype-free articles concerning only the exoskeleton industry.  We strive to separate science fiction from reality.
  2. Remaining objective.  Some bias will always be present, but we stand nothing to gain by purposely favoring one research lab or company over another.  This also allows us to focus on the people and problems that need to be solved and not just the technology.
  3. Place the news in context.  Too often, the media focuses on the headline but fails to explain why the news is important or how it ties into a broader narrative or trend.
  4. Establish a web portal for the exoskeleton industry.  Our articles always link to the point of origin.  While other websites will try to keep their readers on their webpage for as long as possible to generate clicks, we want our visitors to venture out and read more about the companies, labs, and research papers that we feature.
  5. Become an entry point for new buyers, users, and regulators for exoskeletons and exosuits.  Our catalog section aims to provide a quick, visual overview of the industry while our map and list of companies place the focus on the producers and innovators.
  6. Differentiate the exoskeleton industry by category, application, and placement on the body.  While there are many products and prototypes in the industry, the overlap is smaller than it seems.
  7. Assist with standards and terminology.  Because we have to talk about products from all over the globe, we know what it is like to describe the technology into a common language framework.  Exoskeleton Report volunteers participate in the Wearable Robotics Association Standards & Education Committee and the NIST Terminology Task Force which has evolved into the ASTM F48 on Exoskeletons and Exosuits.
  8. Act as a catalyst for the exoskeleton and exosuit industry by creating a central meeting point where everyone is welcome.
  9. Influence the media narrative, “if people are afraid of robots, how would they feel if they are expected now to wear one?”
  10. Educate on what this technology can do, and sometimes more importantly, what it can’t do.

Wearable robotics and exoskeleton technology is an emerging field with great prospects in its future!  However, many people are either not aware of the technology or have been presented with outlandish claims making it hard for them to take exoskeletons seriously.  Information on powered exoskeletons is now becoming ample but is scattered throughout the internet or buried in large, general websites that capture news from many different fields at the same time.

It is our hope, that this website will continue to be a go-to center for exoskeleton resources and information for you, our reader.

Warm regards,

The Exoskeleton Report volunteers!

March 23, 2018


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