The EVO by Ekso Bionics builds on the success and customer feedback of the EksoVest, both of which are passive shoulder support exoskeletons for overhead work.

The primary goal of the EVO is to eliminate worker injuries. This wearable provides a boost to the shoulders making it easier to perform tasks while holding lightweight to moderately heavy tools such as a hand drill.


The Ekso Evo builds on three years of feedback of its predecessor, the EksoWorks Vest by early adopters like Boeing and Ford. Most notable is the replacement of the central support column that connected the belt to the shoulders. The EVO uses two multi-jointed flexible assemblies instead. The EVO now also sports a stylish protective sleeve, hiding the new joint mechanism and protecting it from contamination while also reducing any pinch or snag hazards. The changes have led to a second-generation device that has a lower cost, enhanced comfort, and a reduced footprint of any elements that could interfere with the natural cooling of the human body. Also in line with customer feedback, the EVO has an increased range of motion.

The goal of the EVO passive arm and shoulder support exoskeleton is to:

  • Reduce worker fatigue when working at or above chest level
  • Prevent worker injuries
  • Reduce workmanship errors
  • Increase morale and reduce turnover

The EVO aims to achieve the above goals by introducing a patented stacked-link structure. This novel approach to shoulder support wearable ergonomic solutions is capable of following a greater range of the body’s motion while maintaining joint alignment. The EVO is now capable of handling new positions like reaching directly overhead, across, or back. The gas-springs mechanical actuators have been retained. Their assistance level can be adjusted by the user separately on each arm.

Note that like other passive support exoskeletons (and indeed, most powered exoskeletons), the user should only lift the same amount of weight as they would without the device. The EVO is meant to provide 5 – 15 lb. (2.2 – 6.8 kg) of lift assistance on each arm. It is not intended to provide “superpowers” but reduce the stress and fatigue on the muscles instead.

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