Hexar Humancare

Hexar Humancare
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This company is a spin-off from the C&R Lab at Hanyang University with a range of prototypes designed for military, assistive or rehabilitation purposes. It is likely that Hexar has the most exoskeleton prototypes of any exo developer in the world.
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Although officially registered in 2011, Hexar Systems originated in 2005 from the Hanyang University Advanced Robotics Lab.  Over its long history, the team has worked on over two-dozen lower and upper body exoskeletons, a feat that very few exo developers can match. More recently, Hexar Systems (for industrial exoskeletons) and Hexar Humancare (for medical exoskeletons) have been consolidated.

Hexar Humancare produces both rehabiliation robotics, fixed frame exoskeletons as well as medical and occupational exoskeletons.

"Hexa Human Care was born in the laboratory of the Department of Robotics at Hanyang University. Based on robot technology, we conducted research on wearable robots for the first time in Korea. Realizing the dream of creating more surprising possibilities (Opportunity) by supplementing human physical weakness by utilizing R&D capabilities and robot technology, that is, by enhancing human muscle strength and strength to increase movement and activity (Reality) To this end, Hexa Human Care's small steps began.

Hexa Human Care is striving to develop technology to improve the quality of life through robot research, one of the core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution. By combining robot technology with medical care and rehabilitation, human beings can maintain a better life, and precision treatment and on-demand rehabilitation treatment using artificial intelligence (AI) and big data technologies are provided. making it possible."

"Hanyang University's Advanced Robotics Lab researched wearable robots for the first time in Korea. A wearable robot is a tool that can be worn on the human body to assist with insufficient muscle strength, reduce the risk of injury, overcome obstacles, or even exceed human physical limitations. Hexa Human Care was established to contribute to the nation and society by applying them to reality, such as receiving the Hong Dae Yong Award, a patent technology award from the Korean Intellectual Property Office, and the Prime Minister's Award at the Korea Robotics Awards for wearable robot research achievements."

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Ansan-si, South Korea
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Hector H30-A, Hector L20P, U30A

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