The BELK Knee Exoskeleton is a powered knee wearable robot for knee extension.  It is designed for knee rehabilitation, with a focus on restoring movement.  Similar to the HANK, its single motor can be run in assist-as-needed mode or in a predefined movement regime.  The BELK also shares the same input/output capabilities as the larger HANK.  There is also the possibility to customize the exo orthotics and the cover textiles.


The Belk is a knee exoskeleton oriented to the recovery of knee lesions, traumatic, postoperation and also to help stroke patients in their recovery process, it will include a combined electrostimulation coordinated with the movement.

“GOGOA has developed the BELK system, a wearable robotic device that can be used for knee rehabilitation, in the sub-acute phase of knee injuries. It incorporates “assisted-as-needed” control and Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) features, helping to speed-up and to improve the rehabilitation process.

Assisted-as-needed control allows creating a force field along the desired trajectory, proportionally applying torque only when the patient deviates from the pre-programmed correct pattern. This force field control, by assisting only the segments that the patient need, produces a natural gait pattern, improving the rehabilitation process.​”

GOGOA Mobility, c / Arzubia 10b, 7 bajo, 48220 Traña-Matiena (Bizkaia), SPAIN – EUROPE, website

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