RoboGait and VisioGait are two gait rehabilitation products by the Turkish company Bama Technology (founded 2010).  The RoboGait is a fixed lower body hip-knee exoskeleton. The user’s weight is supported by a combination of an overhead attached harness and the support from the exoskeleton.

The RoboGait can be used by adults as well as children. The exoskeleton frame can be adjusted to meet pediatric rehabilitation needs.


RoboGait and VisioGait are stationary gait rehabilitation systems.  The Robogait is designed to be used with patients recovering from traumatic brain and spine injuries, stroke, neurological or orthopedic causes.  This system provides a safe, controlled environment for gait rehabilitation over a treadmill.  The speed of the treadmill is synchronized with the exoskeleton and the rehabilitation program.

The RoboGait reduces the number of physiotherapists required to work with a patient.  The wearable robot increases the number of steps that can be achieved during each training session and ensures that they are all consistent.

The VisioGait provides an additional level of involvement and “motivational power” for the patients.  The wearable robot is highly adjustable, and the harness can be lowered and used to safely transfer patients from a wheelchair to the exoskeleton and back again.  Because of the large size of the fixed frame both systems are highly adjustable to fit a wide variety of users.

Bama Technology (Bama Teknoloji),Üniversiteler Mh., ODTÜ, Teknokent GALYUM Blok, Bodrum Kat No:12, 06800, ODTÜ/Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey, website

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