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ExoAtlet II is the brainchild of ExoAtlet, a rapidly growing provider of wearable exoskeletons for children and adults, in addition to assistive robotic tools for industry workers and the elderly. The company is actively collaborating with European research centers and has a significant footprint in Asia and Europe.

The ExoAtlet series of powered gait training rehabilitation devices appeared on the scene a few years later than competitive devices but appeared to have wasted no time in catching up.


The ExoAtlet II is the newest lower gait powered rehabilitation exoskeleton. Just like previous models, it is designed for individuals with spinal cord injury and similar conditions that result in mobility impairment.  User requirements include:

  • Requires adequate upper extremity strength to manage crutches and balance (this is a requirement for all non-tethered exoskeletons that are unable to self-balance).
  • 160-190cm (5’3” – 6’3”) tall
  • Maximum weight of 100kg (220lbs), which is a noticeable improvement over the original ExoAtlet

The controls of the ExoAtlet retain the “smart crutch system” but now also include a tablet for medical staff or operator. Furthermore, the ExoAtlet II is a cloud-enabled wearable robot. The exoskeleton utilizes the ExoCloud, a platform that provides doctors with user data and reporting on training sessions for further analysis and rehabilitation customization.

The ExoAtlet is CE Mark, and ISO:13485 certified.

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ExoAtlet Global SA, 9 avenue des Hauts Fourneaux L-4262 Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg, website

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