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The German Bionic Cray X provides support for two body regions, with up to 30 kg (66 lb) of support per lifting movement for the lower back as well as active walking assistance for the legs. It boasts a lightweight carbon fiber structure, uses standard, hot-swappable 40 V battery packs, and is dust and waterproof to the IP54 standard. 


Delivering up to 30 kg (66 lb) of support per lifting movement and providing active walking assistance, the fully connected Cray X is designed to protect the health of workers in manual handling environments and simultaneously reduce the level of physical exertion required of workers while conducting their tasks.

Lifting & Walking Assistance:

The Cray X is the first exoskeleton of its kind to support two activities: lifting and walking. During lifting, the exoskeleton pushes on the user’s thighs providing up to 30 kg (66 lb) of support. During walking, the exoskeleton pushes gently the legs forward. Ultimately, Cray X helps reduce premature exhaustion and preserve the energy levels of workers during lifting and walking.

IP54 waterproofing:

Cray X is IP54 certified, so it is completely dust and waterproof. So, Cray X not only provides assistance in warehouses and production facilities, but it is also fit for a whole range of additional use cases where challenging environments are the norm – such as construction sites, outdoor warehouses, or automotive workshops.

Standard, hot-swappable 40 V battery:

A 40 V battery and intelligent energy management system are incorporated to deliver the necessary power. The system also eliminates unnecessary downtimes resulting from battery changes thanks to its clever hot-swapping capability allowing on-the-fly changes for effectively unlimited usage times.

AI-based early warning system for ergonomics:

The Smart Safety Companion adds a layer of safety for workers in manual handling environments and helps boost business performance. The exoskeleton AI algorithm is meant to automatically detect signs of poor posture and incorrect lifting practices and alert the user right away. Cray X thereby modifies its behavior to prevent fatigue and the resulting human errors and injuries. Managers can monitor the exoskeletons data through comprehensive dashboards which provide a practical method for monitoring and documenting progress toward ESG and sustainability goals.

Integration in the digital workflow:

Cray X is meant to easily connect to industrial IoT platforms and all smart factory ecosystems, facilitating true integration in business processes. This means manual handling can be effectively incorporated into the digital workflow allowing for automated benchmarking against a company’s KPIs.

Always up to date:

As a fully connected system, the real-time data from actual operations is harnessed for AI applications and forms the basis for ongoing development and improvement. Software updates are available via OTA, ensuring users always access the latest features immediately. The German Bionic cloud-based platform for exoskeletons is unique in the industry, providing the data necessary to advance machine learning, cultivate AI applications and continue driving R&D efforts to new levels.



Relevant studies or journal papers:

  • Initial Investigation into Powered Lumbar-Support Industrial Exoskeletons by Prof. Herbert Schuster link to study

Links to testimonials and videos:

  • John Forbes Tech First podcast: YouTube
  • European Logistics Giant DPD: Vimeo
  • DASA (The DASA Working World Exhibition in Dortmund presents past, present and future worlds of work on an exhibition area covering no less than 13.000 square metres. It is the permanent educational facility of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Care (Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin) and informs the general public about the world of work, its status for the individual and society, and the importance of tailoring work to human requirements.): GermanBionics
  • Ars Electronica Labs (exhibition): YouTube
  • Cray X Main Features: Vimeo 

Weight of the Cray X:

Approximately 7 kg (15.5 lb) depending on configuration (straps, battery, etc.)

Supplied power or torque:

Provides up to 30 kg (66 lb) of lifting assistance.

GBS German Bionic Systems GmbH, August-Wessels-Strasse 23, 86156 Augsburg, Germany, website

Exoskeleton Report does not endorse one exoskeleton product over another.  The exoskeleton catalog is purely for educational purposes.  The catalog is meant to provide an easily accessible birds-eye view of the exoskeleton industry, and a quick method to sort exoskeletons by type and purpose.  All prices are approximate and are meant to provide a general sense of the cost of the devices.

This exoskeleton catalog entry has been made with the assistance of Stefano Carisi, MS in BioRobotics and Biomechanical Design from the Delft University of Technology an experienced product manager in human-machine collaboration.

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