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Introducing the fourth-generation Cray X by German Bionic. This is a powered hip exoskeleton for back support and lift assist. The Cray X aims to be a fully IoT integrated device that plays an active role in bringing Industry 4.0 to the workplace.


The Cray X is an Internet of Things (IoT) powered back support hip exoskeleton. It is designed to offload the lower back while workers are picking and carrying heavy or oversized packages. The fourth generation of the Cray X is meant to be powerful, yet intelligent and fully connected. The goal of the device is to offload the lower back and reduce fatigue and the risk of injury at the workplace. Early adopters include the logistics sector, airports, and tire centers.

While there are many occupational hip exoskeletons, few are as integrated with Industry 4.0 as the Cray X. The device’s sensor data can be collected and interpreted to a computer or a mobile device (subject to privacy laws). The software package also includes predictive maintenance and a specialized connectivity Smart Factory suit. This wearable robot and its operating system can be fully loaded on the cloud.

On the hardware side, the Cray X is no slouch either. Its two motors, one on each side, are capable of offsetting up to 30 kg (66 lb). The device has an interchangeable battery. Each battery pack is capable of lasting through an 8-hour work shift. The frame is made entirely of carbon fiber to reduce the burden of wearing the system. The entire device comes at 7.4 kg in weight (16.3 lb).

Another unique aspect of the Cray X is that it can be paired with a smart heads up display – the Cray Visor. The Cray Visor takes advantage of the connectivity of the wearable exoskeleton to bring the IoT and Smart Factory to each worker. The display can be used to project instructions and other useful information on the fly.

At the start of 2021, the Cray X is available to lease as a Robotics as a Service device. Visit the developer’s website for the latest details and product specifications.

GBS German Bionic Systems GmbH, August-Wessels-Strasse 23, 86156 Augsburg, Germany, website

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