AWN-12, also known as ATOUN MODEL Y is an occupational powered hip exoskeleton.  This wearable robot is designed to assist workers with lifting heavy objects by providing torque at the hips and reducing the stress on the spine.

The AWN-12 builds on the knowledge gained from previous models, especially the AWN-03B (ATOUN MODEL A) which has been discontinued since June 2019.


The ATOUN MODEL Y, formal model designation AWN-12, is a powered hip exoskeleton for work and industry made by the Japanese developer ATOUN. It is the follow-up wearable robot to the AWN-03 by ActiveLink which has been developing exoskeletons for the workplace for more than a decade. The primary goal for this occupational wearable is to reduce the burden on the body when lifting and lowering heavy or large objects that do not lend themselves to proper ergonomic lift guidelines. ATOUN is continuously building a case for the use and benefit of its exoskeleton at multiple sites in the fields of logistics, manufacturing, construction, and civil engineering.

The developer brands the ATOUN MODEL Y as a “POWERED WEAR, a wearable robot that alleviates burden to the waist when lifting heavy objects, through powerful motors as well as sensors that detect the movement of the waist. This is achieved by the AWN-12 intuitively switching (no sensors are attached directly to the body of the user) between lift-assist for raising objects, or support for lowering them, and “off” to reduce any obstruction while walking.

Similar to the previous model, the ATOUN MODEL Y is both dust and water-resistant (IP55 equivalent). The new carbon fiber frame has dramatically reduced the weight of the exoskeleton from 6 kg without the battery to 4.5 kg (10 lb) with the battery. Another new design innovation is the increased focus on wearability and breathability of the exoskeleton.

The device can also be purchased with an annual maintenance/service program. The program includes inspection of the robot’s exterior and functions, cleaning, internal inspection of the drive mechanism, replacement of some movable parts, lubrication, software updates, and inspection.

Specifications for ATOUN MODEL Y / AWN-12 (from 2021):

Assumed work: loading and unloading heavy loads
Assisting force: maximum 10 kgf (2 independent motors)
Operating time: about 4 hours
Device outer dimensions: height 81 cm x width 48.4 cm x depth 28 cm
Suitable User Height: 150 cm to 190 cm (4’11” to 6’3″)

Visit the developer’s website for the latest details and product specifications.

ATOUN Inc.,Head Office: Sakyo 6-5-2, Nara City, 631-0801 JAPAN, website

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