The EduExo is a compact powered elbow exoskeleton designed as an educational kit on wearable robotics.


The EduExo is a STEM education exoskeleton kit. Powered exoskeletons are expensive and not all students can participate in related projects in the best-funded universities. The EduExo kit makes wearable robotics technology more accessible to students than ever before. The EduExo enables students, teachers, hobbyists, and researchers to access the field.

​”The kit contains the hardware that you need to assemble and program an elbow exoskeleton. A handbook provides background information on exoskeleton history, functionality, and technology. In addition, the handbook contains a tutorial that will guide you through the different steps. In the end, you will have a good understanding of exoskeleton technology and its applications, together with hands-on experience building and programming your own robotic exoskeleton.”

The EduExo’s intended audience:
  • High school and college students who want to learn about robotic exoskeleton technology to prepare themselves for a career in exoskeletons and wearable robotics.

  • Makers and hobbyists who are looking for an interesting and entertaining project in a fascinating field.

  • Teachers and professors who want to set up exoskeleton courses or labs.


What it is:

  • An educational robotics kit that will help you to learn about exoskeleton technology.

  • A do-it-yourself kit that requires your active participation and willingness to learn and try new things.

One task right now is to develop a suitable hardware design that combines an affordable price with sufficient performance and complexity to be an appropriate learning platform. In addition, the exercises of the tutorial have to be designed, tested and finally included in the handbook. Also, the theoretical parts of the handbook are currently being written and illustrated to present the knowledge in an accessible way

– EduExo Newsletter, January 2017

The EduExo kit is made by Beyond Robotics, website and sold through the Auxivo academy website.

Exoskeleton Report does not endorse one exoskeleton product over another.  The exoskeleton catalog is purely for educational purposes.  The catalog is meant to provide an easily accessible birds-eye view of the exoskeleton industry, and a quick method to sort exoskeletons by type and purpose.  All prices are approximate and are meant to provide a general sense of the cost of the devices.

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