Walk-On Suit

The Walk-On Suit is a robotic walking solution for people with complete paralysis in their lower extremities. It is developed by the South Korean company Angel Robotics.


The Walk-On Suit is a powered hip-knee-ankle exoskeleton that is capable of achieving ambulation for people with complete lower body paralysis. The user still needs to have trunk and arm strength to balance and weight shift using crutches or other support aids.

The Angel Robotics team was the winner of the 2020 Cybathlon (Cyber Olympics) using the Walk-On Suit. The team achieved the fastest time in a timed obstacle course designed to replicate the challenges of everyday living.

Angel Robotics lists the target demographic as individuals with complete lower body paralysis or occupational professionals requiring physical support.

Design characteristics:

  • ability to walk over flat ground, stairs, and rough terrain
  • backpack touch panel display for operators
  • dedicated crutch control display
  • personalizable carbon frame and urethane foam molding
  • waling speed of 3.2km/h or faster
  • four motors for hip-knee actuation and two linear actuators for the ankle
  • more natural gait control with some self-balancing capability (more than one minute)

The capabilities of the Walk-On Suit is a slightly heavier device, approximately 30 kg (66 lb) depending on the implemented customizations. It can accommodate heavier individuals, up to 100 kg (220 lb) in weight.

Cybathlon 2020 Powered Exoskeleton Race Top Four

Room 604, 6th Floor, Arc Valley Food Industry Center, 37, Seongsuiro 22-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul South Korea, http://angel-robotics.com/en/

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