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exoIQ GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 2017 and develops intelligently designed support systems. The roots lie in a university research project at Helmut Schmidt University, where research on exoskeletons has been conducted since 2014. The mission: making work lighter.
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Founded in 2017, exoIQ GmbH develops intelligently designed support systems. In 2022, it is introducing a powered exoskeleton for the shoulder area and is conducting test series with it in selected companies in the manufacturing industry. Relieving the strain on humans during physical work is the driving force behind the development team.

The S700 is the world's first [commercially available] powered exoskeleton for operational use that relieves the arm and shoulder muscles. Not only can it be adapted to different body sizes and conditions without tools, but it can also be adjusted to different activities using digital presets. With up to 5 kg of force, users are flexibly supported in front of the chest and at overhead height during assembly and handling tasks.

From October 2022, the S700 will be used in field tests at selected industrial companies in Germany.

The S700 shoulder exoskeleton is developed and manufactured in Germany. The production site is Illertissen in Bavaria. exoIQ is a company of the TTS Tooltechnic Systems Group and as such is able to draw on know-how from other sister companies such as Festool, Cleantec and Tanos.


Head office: exoIQ GmbH, Jaffestrasse 12, 21109 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 239369900

E-mail: info@exoiq.com

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  • Automotive
  • Industry
  • Logistics
  • Production
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Hamburg, Germany
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Powered (robotic/active) shoulder assist exoskeleton for work & industry.

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