ExoBak by ExoBraced is a passive, non-powered lower back exosuit weighing only 1.4 lbs.


ExoBak is expressly designed to alleviate lower back pressure for manual workers, including warehouse employees. It is designed to achieve this by employing elastic bands stretching when bending and releasing stored potential energy when transitioning to a standing position, effectively functioning as an additional set of hamstring muscles.

Another advantage of this device is its incorporation of a semi-flexible polycarbonate spine. This spine encourages users to adopt a safer bending technique, emphasizing knee utilization rather than straining the lower back. The gentle pressure applied to the lower back, combined with the assistance of the elastic bands, guides users into a more ergonomic posture over the long term, whether they are using the device or not.

Device Weight:

1.4 lbs. or 0.64 kg

Certifications and/or 3rd party testing results:

No studies as of today. However, by the end of 2023, we will have at least one lab study.

Regions and or countries where the exoskeleton can be purchased?

Global, through the website directly.

ExoBraced, Headquarters: Houston, Texas, US, website

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All images courtesy of ExoBraced.

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