Ironhand® is designed to mimic the human body. The technology follows the user’s actions in an intuitive way and augments the grasping force, but only if the user initiates a grasp.


The Ironhand is an intuitive grip strengthening aid with the aim of allowing workers to use a lower grip force when performing repetitive tasks. The goal is to reduce fatigue, prevent strain injuries, lower the number of sick leave days, and allow for users to retire with healthier bodies. The Ironhand will not give workers “superpowers” nor will it take control over the user’s actions. It is strictly an aid to reduce the wear-and-tear of repetitive tasks on the human body.

Unlikely different from previous Bioservo products, the Ironhand system covers all five fingers, a transmission cable, and a power pack/controller that is worn as a backpack or hip-carry. The user can take advantage of a remote or an app to make adjustments to the behavior of the power glove. The force, the balance between the fingers, sensor sensitivity, and other settings can be customized.

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The Ironhand® is the successor of the Robotic SEM™(Soft Extra Muscle) glove.

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Bioservo Technologies AB, Isafjordsgatan 39B, 164 40 Kista, Sweden, website

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