Bobby_MarinovBorislav (Bobby) Marinov:  Co-Founder and Author

Bio-Engineering, Pre-Med UC San Diego

Exoskeleton and robotics enthusiast. This website is a culmination of his love for innovation and new technologies. Enjoys developing new talent and ideas. Star Wars fan. Inspired by films like the Iron Man series and Edge of Tomorrow that illustrates how close exoskeletons have come to market.

“I believe that wearable robotics in the form of exoskeletons and exosuits are going to inevitably become a part of every single household.  After Thanksgiving, my grandmother told me how she doesn’t feel comfortable with the idea of a robot being strapped onto her while she is walking.  She said that she always does better on her own, and that man-made devices slow her down.  She then reached for her glasses but I grabbed them before her.  My grandmother was puzzled and politely asked me to give her glasses back, but I refused.  After all, glasses are man-made assistive devices.  Originally, glasses were glass/crystal that has been shaped and polished to change the focal point of the human eyes and came in a metal casing with a handle!  My grandmother countered that glasses are not assistive devices, but just glasses. 

I believe that exoskeletons will go through the same process as the common reading glasses.  In the past, glasses were cloudy, heavy, rare and extremely expensive.  In time, the technology evolved and became more accessible.  We now have different glasses for different eye impairments, magnifying glasses to look at something closer and binoculars to look at objects that are far away.  Glasses come in all shapes, sizes and power depending on the need, and over the centuries they have become a common object in every single household that no one even notices anymore.” – Bobby, Nov 2015

Tri_DaoTri Dao: Co-Founder and Content Editor

Advertising + Creative Writing, San José State University

An exoskeleton novice but passionate about content creation and new industries. Very interested in exoskeletons from the human perspective and how they can affect the life of an average man/woman. A technology skeptic at heart, but “skepticism is the foundation of quality control.”

“Before we founded ExR, I’d never heard of an exoskeleton, much less know what they can do or what they were for. I believe that the majority of the mainstream public is in the same boat, which is why communities such as Exoskeleton Report and the Wearable Robotics Association are so necessary.

I’ve learned that the future doesn’t necessarily lie in artificial intelligence. By keeping the human elements and having the robotics work with the person and not for, exoskeletons are bringing about this exciting idea of collaboration that I really love. I wanted to help ensure that ExR is a place that anyone can learn, join in, and get excited about exoskeletons without being a robotics expert or have an engineering background. As long as there’s an interest, you’re in the right place.” – Tri, Mar 2016


lyubo-ganev-profile-picLyubomir Ganev: Business to Business Communications Advisor

International MBA, Nyenrode Business University
International Project Management, University of National and  World Economy

Lyubomir is an international business development executive and project manager with a specialist pedigree in account, sales, and market development.   He brings twelve years of experience in senior positions from a multitude of leading companies in the electronics, technology, information services, manufacturing and banking industries.


Marcus Pyles Discusses Building In Reflexes and Closed-Loop Communication Into Exoskeleton DesignMarcus Pyles: Systems Engineer

Marcus Pyles is a Systems Engineer with great love for all wearable robotics, including exoskeletons and powered prosthetics.  He is the author of two wearable robotics books:
79 Wearable Robotics Companies & University Programs Around the World: A Look at This New Industry and Its Main Players, from Exoskeletons to Bionic Limbs (, and Cyborgs Among Us: SEO Search Terms To Keep An Eye On The Wearable Robotics Industry: Know What to Search for & How to Be Searchable Online (  Marcus is a guest writer for the Exoskeleton Report and the team thanks him for his contributions.    

Timothy Retter, 2016Timothy Retter: student and inventor

Timothy is studying physics and psychology at Northern Arizona University, in the honors program. He also holds a patent in his name for a caged animal quieting system.  Timothy is a regular presence in financial forums related to exoskeletons.  He has a great appreciation of the business end of the exoskeleton industry.


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  • Keep up the good work gentlemen! Exoskeleton Report is my go to site for all things exoskeleton. It will be amazing to witness how this industry will grow and evolve in the near future and for years to come.

    • Hello, thank you so much! We appreciate your kind words!

      Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have because we’ll be happy to answer them 🙂

  • Just a thought. What would you think of there being a discussion board on I regularly check out the EKSO and RWLK forums on yahoo finance and investors hub. If there was a consolidated forum (message board for posters interested in all exoskeleton companies) this could promote a good amount of positive discussion and flow of ideas. I realize there are pros and cons of such an idea though.

  • Well I think once more people begin to leave comments on a regular basis and there is enough posting then that opens the door for having a general forum if it helps the site. Once the volume of posts gets large enough then sub-forums/categories could become available on topics such as: Up and coming tech, current tech (for sale now), Events forum (for people to share their observations after attending an event), Stock forum (for investors or potential investors of Exo companies), secret vault tech (tech currently under wraps). I’m fairly sure I’m missing more obvious ideas for forum topics. Eventually this site will get deluged with views. As the exoskeleton industry grows, so will exoskeleton report.

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Henry Hoffman and I am the founder of Saebo, leading global stroke rehabilitation company since 2001. We have over 15,000 Saebo Trained Therapists and our technology is currently used in over 5,000 hospitals. We do have several products that fall under the category of “eksoskeleton” and would like to be added to your growing list of companies.

    In addition to our hand devices we also have passive, zero-gravity mobile arm supports. We differentiate ourselves by being the most affordable rehabilitation product company in the industry with the goal of provide solutions for home use as well as clinic.

    About Saebo:

    Saebo, Inc. is a medical device company primarily engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of affordable and novel clinical solutions designed to improve mobility and function in individuals suffering from neurological and orthopedic conditions. With a vast network of Saebo-trained clinicians spanning six continents, Saebo has helped over 200,000 clients around the globe achieve a new level of independence.

    Please visit our website at to learn more.

    Many thanks,


  • Thank you very much for this website, it has been now firmly placed in my Favorites. I really appreciated the literature section, it certainly would help with my future endeavors.

  • I wonder if the frequency of comments reflects the true size of your readership. This is a fascinating site for those interested in the technology for whatever reason.

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