Angel Legs

The Angel Legs, also known as the ANGEL-LEGS-M10, is a wearable walking training orthopedic exercise device. It is made by the South Korean company Angel Robotics.


The ANGEL-LEGS-M10, or Angel Legs for short, is a lower-body powered hip-knee exoskeleton for physical rehabilitation. In addition, the company describes it as a “wearable walking training orthopedic exercise device.” It is made by the South Korean company Angel Robotics which is one of the few companies to compete twice at the Cybathlon (Cyber Olympics). The competition puts both the user and the wearable robot through a stressful, timed obstacle course designed to mirror the challenges of everyday life.

Similar to other physical rehabilitation powered exoskeletons, the Angel Legs are designed to be used with a help of an assistant (or operator) as part of a medically prescribed mobilization regiment. The design call for:

  • wearable walking training electric orthopedic exercise device
  • induction of proper gait and support of the lower limbs
  • detection of walking intent using built-in sensors
  • adjustable device dimensions
  • application control with six training modes: standing, sitting, walking, stairs, squat
  • recording and storage of user-specific data

The Angel Legs comes with a built-in tablet computer that can be easily pulled out of the exoskeleton. The entire device with the batteries weighs 18.5 kg (40.7 lb). It can support users of up to 80 kg in weight. Other restrictions and limitations (such as degree of paralysis, mental capability, thigh hight, calf height, shoe size, etc…) still apply.

Room 604, 6th Floor, Arc Valley Food Industry Center, 37, Seongsuiro 22-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul South Korea,

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