The Strydr is a pediatric knee exoskeleton for physical training and rehabilitation. It is being developed by the Canadian company Agilik Technologies.

This robotic exoskeleton is specifically designed to treat crouch (or flexed-knee) gait in children with cerebral palsy by providing powered knee extension assistance at key points during the walking cycle.


The Strydr exoskeleton is a gait rehabilitation solution designed to improve crouch gait, often seen in persons with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and other knee-extension-deficiency disorders. The intent is to help children retain or increase their mobility. This is especially important for those whose condition will cause further mobility deterioration into adulthood. The intent is to stop or reverse this by reducing crouch gait, increase extension, and strengthen the legs.

This powered orthosis is based on wearable technology developed by Bionic Power Inc. Agilik is not a spin-off of Bionic Power, but a separate company that licenses Bionic Power’s technology. The exoskeleton can be used to either assist or resist the user’s knee.

“The Strydr rehab device moves with the wearer, increasing knee extension and resisting flexion to help them strengthen and build their muscles, learn to walk with less effort, and improve their overall mobility. The device is currently part of a National Institutes of Health Clinical Center clinical trial.”

2661 Lillooet Street, Vancouver, BC, V5M 4P7 Canada, website

Pediatric exoskeletons like the Strydr tend to receive less attention than those for adults. Regardless, you can still follow the topic for any updates on the Exoskeleton Report whenever it is mentioned.

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