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CYBERDYNE is one of the first commercial pioneers of exoskeleton technology in the world. Primarily in the medical field, the company has also begun branching off into exoskeletons for logistics.
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Unlike the names the company has selected, "Cyberdyne" and "Hal" are not here to replace humanity.  Quite the opposite!  The exoskeleton devices made by CYBERDYNE are here to empower its customers!

CYBERDYNE is one of the oldest and most respected exoskeleton companies in the world.  It has been a trailblazer for the entire technology field and has helped place exoskeleton technology on the map.

You can recognize wearable robots from CYBERDYNE by their reliance on bio-signal control which is collected by sensors temporarily attached to the skin of the user.

CYBERDYNE is a publically traded company: OTCMKTS: CYBQY.

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Tsukuba, Japan
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