Carbonhand is a grip-enhancing powered glove designed to facilitates a normal movement pattern. It adds extra strength when needed the most and it reinforces the hand’s functions, it does not control the wearer.


The Carbonhand is an assistive hand device designed to counteract a weak grasp.  The lack of strength in the fingers to hold onto objects can be due to muscle or neurological problems.

This hand exoskeleton is a modular solution made up of a glove, transmission cables, and a power&control unit. In 2020, Bioservo reports the total weight of the devices at 700 grams.

This powered wearable is controlled intuitively by taking advantage of sensors embedded in the glove. Unit behavior like adjusting the maximum added strength can be customized for each user using a smartphone app.

The Carbonhand glove and the connected cables are available in multiple sizes. The total package contains three separate motors, one for each actuated finger, which are housed together with the controller and rechargable batteries in an adjustable pouch.

The Carbonhand is designed for Back-to-work and ADL (activities of daily living) assistance.

Carbonhand is a CE marked Medical Device.

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The Carbonhand is the successor to the Robotic SEM™(Soft Extra Muscle) glove.

Unlock Carbhonhand’s full potential by enrolling in the Bioservo Academy. Once you register, you will get access to videos and documentation on how to assemble, take care of, and best practices for your powered glove, all under one digital roof. You can find more information on the Bioservo website (link below):

Exoskeleton Report articles on Bioservo can be found here.

Bioservo Technologies AB, Isafjordsgatan 39B, 164 40 Kista, Sweden, website

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