FreeGait is a walking assistance active exoskeleton system by the Turkish developer Bama Technology.


FreeGait is a powered hip-knee exoskeleton for walking assistance. The design calls for a wearable technology system for individuals who can not use their legs or have weakness in their lower extremities and have difficulty standing up, walking, ascending, or descending stairs. Like other gait assist exoskeletons, the FreeGait is a combination of motors at the hip and knee joint, sensors, and precision control software. The FreeGait could be used in both acute and chronic periods of rehabilitation.

The FreeGait is intended for patients with complete spinal cord injury between L5 to T3 or who had spinal cord injury between T3 and C7 levels and have an adequate motor function in their arms. Other requirements include sufficient strength in the hands and shoulder to support balancing using a walker or crutches. Other user requirements can be found on the BAMA Technology website, but they are not unique to other similar devices of this type.

In addition to providing physical support to the user, the FreeGait can be used for simultaneous monitoring of walking parameters (number of steps, step frequency, step length, gait speed, joint angles).

Bama Technology (Bama Teknoloji),Üniversiteler Mh., ODTÜ, Teknokent GALYUM Blok, Bodrum Kat No:12, 06800, ODTÜ/Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey, website

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