The ExoMotus is a lower limb exoskeleton robot solution platform that includes a gait-assist powered exoskeleton, an optional wheeled dynamic weight support system, and a research open platform.  It is designed by Fourier Intelligence.


The ExoMotus is an institutional training powered exoskeleton for safe walking and re-training. It is meant to be used as a physical rehabilitation tool, personal assistance technology, or a research platform. Biped walking is achieved with a combination of in-house developed servo-motors, motion control unit, and multi-dimensional force sensors.

The device is made of aluminum and weighs 18 kg (40 lb). Technically the ExoMotus includes many features that have now become almost expected in gait-assist wearable robots. This includes interchangeable batteries, a built-in controller, adjustable length of the frame, and alterable straps. There are several features, however, that distinguish the ExoMotus. These include force feedback technology, an optional dynamic gait-assistance wheeled solution, an open-sourced research platform, and a smartwatch control.

Something that has not been seen for years in a medical exoskeleton for walking assistance is the ability to attach the wearable robot to a wheeled platform. In this case, the ExoMotus can be connected at the hips to the GaitMotus. The Gait Motus moves ahead on the user on wheels. It acts as a stabilizer and balance aid to the user. The GaitMotus takes things a step further, by also modulating the pelvis movement allowing for a more natural shift of the user’s center of gravity.

The ExoMotus can also be used for research by connecting it to the EXOPS platform, an Android-like open platform system for the development of the next generation of powered wearable devices. The Fourier Exoskeleton & Robotics Open Platform or EXOPS for short was developed in collaboration with National Instruments. “Researchers don’t have to reinvent the wheel by building exoskeletons from the ground up.” – says Alex Gu, founder, and chief executive of Fourier Intelligence. The vision behind EXOPS is to promote and accelerate exoskeleton application research.

The ExoMotusis being developed by Fourier Intelligence, which is no stranger to exoskeleton technology. The company has been in the news on more than one occasion and you can see our coverage here.

Fourier Intelligence International Pte. Ltd. Marina One West Tower, 9 Straits View #05-07, Singapore 018937, website

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