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A spin-off from Simon Fraser University, Bionic Power specializes in a knee brace that harvests power while walking. The power can be used to run small devices or recharge batteries.
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In December of 2021, the two companies, Bionic Power and Agilik have merged under BP, with a new CEO, Gualtiero Guadagni. The medical exoskeleton solution known as Strydr, is now called the Agilik. The earlier PowerWalk has been updated to the Amplify and continues to be developed in parallel.

Bionic Power produces one of the few energy harvesting exoskeletons in the world.  Part of the idea is that the natural swing of the leg at the knee requires the leg to come to a stop.  Why not harvest this energy? The PowerWalk® Kinetic Energy Harvester appears to be surprisingly small and flexible. The device and technology could be reversed to apply force(s) on the user, either to propel or brace them.

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Vancouver, Canada
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