The ExoHeaver is a dual-purpose passive tool holding exoskeleton that can also utilize a mounted over the shoulder power winch.


In a time when most exoskeleton companies are developing smaller and more compact exoskeletons and exosuits, ExoHeaver truly stands out from the crowd. Indeed, it has been a long time since there has been a new tool-holding exoskeleton system. The ExoHeaver uses a spring-loaded arm to support large loads, such as a grinder or a drill at variable heights. The load is transferred through the rigid frame into the ground.

While this is a passive wearable, a configuration of the ExoHeaver uses an integrated powered winch in a backpack module that goes over the shoulder. This is a very unusual combination of passive and active components in an exo. This methodology could be applied to create a new class of semi-passive exoskeleton devices, combining free-to-move, locking, spring-loaded, and actuated components in one fully integrated wearable ergonomic solution for workers from around the world.

ExoMed, 60, Lenina str., Kursk, Russia, website

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