The CDYB-Fit is the lightest of the Crimson Dynamics back-assist suits. This exosuit is designed to assist the back muscles without causing resistance to walking.


The CDYB-Fit is a fabric-based exosuit with a patented lightweight differential (hinge) mechanism for easy walking. An elastic element on the back supplies assistive force, helping with squatting and bending forward. Pulling on a single strap can easily adjust the amount of force.

It is designed specifically for comfort and breathability so that it can be worn throughout the workday. Similar to other occupational exoskeletons and exosuits of its class, it is designed to reduce workers’ muscle and back fatigue and prevent MSDs.


The device weighs 0.75 kg (1.65 lb) and provides a maximum assistive force of up to 21 kgf (46 lb or 206 N).

Limited to users who are:

Applicable Height:165~190cm
Applicable Body Weight: less than 100 kg ( 200 lb)


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