The Japet.W+ is a motorized exoskeleton worn around the waist, made by a French company called Japet Medical. This robotized lumbar belt is designed as a solution to prevent and relieve back pain at work.

The Jape.W+ provides active lumbar support to assist workers in every movement and help those suffering from back pain continue their activities.


The Japet.W+ is an occupational exoskeleton designed to prevent and relieve back pain at work. It protects the lumbar spine during physically demanding tasks, such as handling loads, working in awkward postures, or performing repetitive movements. Therefore, this active exoskeleton helps companies reduce the risks of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), protect employees from back pain, and prevent work stoppages. Its goal is to maintain working ability in the long term and improve retention and quality of life in the workplace.

The Japet.W+ can also help restore the capabilities of workers suffering from lower back pain so they can continue to perform their activities. Thus enabling companies to protect their essential know-how.

The dynamic movement tracking of the Japet.W+ allows workers to maintain mobility and muscle activity in the lumbar region. Furthermore, it reduces the time spent in dangerous angles, promotes good postures, and secures gestures. This boosts workers’ confidence, enabling them to perform tasks safely with less fatigue, thus maintaining productivity and reducing the risk of injury and occupational accidents.

Back protection is essential for workers who are exposed to physical strain. The Japet.W+ is in high demand in workplaces where, despite automation efforts and ergonomic adjustments, tasks are still strenuous or even have a negative impact on people’s health.

Japet.W+ Technology:

  • This light wearable robot device weighs around 2 kg (4.4lb).
  • Utilizes modern robotics embedded in a soft textile body. The device consists of an active system and a removable and machine-washable second skin, fulfilling hygiene and comfort standards.
  • The Japet.W+ is a European medical device of the Class IIa.
  • Simple yet efficient, the exoskeleton motors act as shock absorbers for the spine.

The Japet.W+ was released in 2023 and is the successor to the Japet.W, and the original Atlas.

Japet Medical Devices, F3A – 12, avenue Pierre Mauroy, 59120 LOOS, FRANCE, website

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