AGADEXO Shoulder

AGADE introduces AGADEXO Shoulder, an active upper-limb exoskeleton designed to assist workers during manual material handling tasks in manufacturing, logistics, and retail fields.

This exoskeleton is based on a hybrid motion technology that combines passive elements with electric motors. This design aims to unite the benefits of the two worlds, resulting in a lightweight, comfortable, and low-energy consumption device which dynamically adapts to the user’s movements and payloads to compensate for shoulder muscular stress.

AGADEXO is on sale and starts delivering in May 2022.


AGADEXO Shoulder is an active upper-limb exoskeleton designed to reduce the muscular effort in the shoulders during fast and dynamic manual material handling tasks (typical in manufacturing, logistics, and retail).

This exoskeleton is based on an innovative hybrid motion technology composed of an electric motor, an elastic mechanism, and a network of force and motion sensors. This design reduces massively the power consumption while providing a smart gravity compensation that adapts automatically to the user’s movements and payloads.

The device uses wireless bracelets to detect hand payloads during the pick and place tasks and switches automatically between two modes:

  • transparent mode, when no payload is carried: the exoskeleton minimizes the interaction forces with the user, thus following closely his/her movements.
  • assistive mode, when the user picks and carries payloads: the exoskeleton provides an average torque of 36 Nm to compensate for gravity and reduce stress on the user’s shoulders.

AGADEXO Shoulder is almost entirely composed of carbon fiber parts which have the dual purpose of structural support and cover for the electronics and battery.

The kinematic chain ensures a wide and ergonomic range of motion for the shoulder’s degrees of freedom.

Technical specifications:

  • Overall device weight: 4 kg (8.8 lb)
  • Maximum gravity compensation torque: 40 Nm (20 Nm for each shoulder)
  • Battery autonomy: 20 h
  • Autonomous hand-payload detection feature
  • Human-machine interface through a smartphone app

The beta version of AGADEXO Shoulder is now on sale and the early bird batch will be delivered starting from May 2022. The revised design for mass production will be available for purchase in 2023, with pre-sales starting in summer 2022.

AGADE Srl, (the name AGADE is derived from Anti-Gravity Active Device for Exoskeletons)
Via Antonio Mambretti, 32, 20157 Milan, MI – Italy, website

AGADE is a start-up and spin-off of Politecnico of Milan which develops a new generation of active exoskeletons able to assist manual material handling tasks. Expect the company’s LinkedIn page (link) to have additional news and updates.

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