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The CareExo Lift is a heavily modified version for use with caregivers of the SoftExoLift 6. It is the latest in a long line of passive back-support exoskeletons by the German producer HUNIC GmbH.


The CareExo Lift is an occupational exosuit for medical and patient care environments. It is thus still an industrial/occupational device meant to be used in a medical setting (rather than being a “medical” exo). It supports the lower back when lifting and standing. Furthermore, it can provide additional power and support from the legs while lifting. It is best utilized in receptive work scenarios that require lifting from a squat position.

Caregivers, nurses, and first responders are expected to lift patients, often from awkward positions. For many, the time between lifts and work shifts is insufficient to recover, culminating in a final, career-ending lift. The CareExo Lift is an innovative tool that can be added to a caregiver’s arsenal so they can go through their daily work with less fatigue and fewer injuries.


  • Individual parts can be adjusted.
  • Alleviates up to 50% of the strain from the back.
  • Easy to grab onto.

HUNIC GmbH, Bergerweg 51, 72270 Baiersbronn, Germany, website

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