The Biolift exoskeleton is a portable, lightweight wearable device designed to reduce the muscular effort of your back when working on the ground or in a bent posture.

Supporting up to 27 kg with each bend of the back, the Biolift exoskeleton is meant to make work easier.


The Biolift is a lower back support exoskeleton that utilizes compressed air springs. Like the Muscle Suit line of exoskeletons by Innophys, the Biolift exoskeleton stores mechanical energy when the user bends forward and uses it for support. It is meant to make work easier, reduce excessive strain, and reduce the risk of injury at job sites.

Design intent:

  • Supports up to 27 kg (60 lb) on the lower back.
  • Does not interfere with belt tools.
  • Preserve freedom of movement.
  • Minimum heat retention.
  • It is meant to be used in dust, rain, and snow.
  • Warning: It does not give super-powers. When used correctly, it reduces the effort and risk of previously defined job tasks.

Biolift, 5425 Rue de Bordeaux, 251, Montreal, Quebec H2H 2P9, CA, website

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