The Auxsys E1 exoskeleton is an actively powered wearable robot, made of titanium, designed to support individuals during dynamic and static activities. It effectively transfers the load from the shoulders and hands into the ground, while also providing active movement support of the legs and back by utilizing electric motors.


The E1 supports the wearer by transferring external loads (such as heavy equipment) through the (exo-)structure into the ground. This load transfer is available from the shoulders and back, as well as from the hands. In addition, the exoskeleton supports the wearer by means of electric actuators acting on the knees and hips. It recognizes the user’s movements (similar to an e-bike) and provides a part of the required power/torque through the actuators. These proprietary electric actuators offer a high efficiency, which, together with the standardized BB-2590 bakeries, enables runtimes of more than 8 hours.

Due to its high-strength titanium alloy main structure, it is possible to achieve a very slim design, which is, on the one hand, advantageous for many activities and on the other hand, this enables the wearing of the exoskeleton under heavy protective equipment, which is necessary and desired in many activities. Through the combination of load transfer, powered support, sleekness, and runtime, the E1 is designed to offer an unmatched solution to relieve the physical strain and increase the performance of individuals.


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