The IX SHOULDER AIR is a passive shoulder support exoskeleton for overhead work by Ottobock. It is the successor of the Ottobock Shoulder and the Paexo Shoulder.


The IX SHOULDER AIR comes on the heels of Ottobock’s acquisition of suitX. It is a passive exoskeleton that offers relief for those engaged in repetitive work at or above chest level. It is envisioned to be used in logistics, manufacturing, and maintenance during overhead tasks.

The IX SHOULDER AIR replaces the Ottobock Shoulder, which was officially introduced in April 2022: Unvailing the Ottobock Shoulder Passive Exoskeleton for Overhead Work. The Ottobock Shoulder V2 replaced the Paexo Shoulder, first revealed in 2018. The SUITX by Ottobock products combines the feedback of thousands of users, such as Toyota North America, Airbus, Boeing, and SNCF, with the know-how of suitX (Ottobock Acquires suitX, Nov 2021).

Available Accessories:

  • This shoulder-support exoskeleton can be combined with the optional neck support add-on, the CX EASY NECK. When integrated together, the two can relieve the cervical spine.
  • Shoulder Jacket for welding and related tasks
  • Integrated toolbelt

Improvements over the Paexo Shoulder:

  • Don/doff time reduced to under 25 seconds.
  • A reverse magnetic clasp can attach in either direction.
  • Labeled and intuitive, tool-free size adjustments and torque tuning.
  • Improved arm cuffs that reduce chafing.
  • Injection-molded cover and removable, washable textiles for easier cleaning.
  • 2 kg (4.9 lb) device weight

Related Studies:

Intended Benefits & Features:

  • Up to 40% fatigue reduction in the shoulders
  • Improved precision and reduced quality errors
  • Improved productivity
  • Uninhibited freedom of movement

User body limitations:

The IX SHOULDER AIR will likely fit best workers who are 160 cm to 190 cm (5’2″ to 6’2″) tall.

SUITX by Ottobock, Duderstadt, Germany and Emeryville, USA, website

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