Chairless Chair 2.0

The Chairless Chair by Noonee is a rigid brace that can be activated anytime to lock into place, turning the exoskeleton into a chair. It is meant to change between standing, sitting, and walking within seconds without changing the workstation. The design allows the worker to temporarily sit in an ergonomically favorable position instead of standing. In doing so, the legs are relieved, and a healthy and upright sitting posture is enabled. With the Chairless Chair, work becomes more manageable and healthier during the day and throughout the year.


The Chairless Chair (and similar) exoskeletons are based on prior research going back many decades to allow people to sit in nearly any situation. The Chairless Chair 2.0 has been continuously optimized and further developed in cooperation with industry partners. The new iteration serves a wider range of users; the mechanical assistance system is now adaptable to body heights from 1.50m to 2.00m. In addition, there is a noticeable weight reduction of 25% or about 3 kg (6.6 lb). The new Chairless Chair 2.0 has also been optimized for breathability and comfort: With a new surface, the seat pads offer even better support when sitting. The main improvement lies in the full-surface coating of the seat pads and the improved abrasion resistance.

The employee wears the exoskeleton, which can be loaded with a weight of up to 120 kilograms (265 lb), like a second pair of legs while working. The chairless chair is worn on the back of the legs, with straps attached to the hips, thighs, and work shoes. After instruction by a noonee employee and a little practice, the Chairless Chair is “put on” and ready for use in just a few seconds. Comfortable, padded surfaces support the buttocks and thighs. Two skeletal legs made of lightweight, fiberglass-reinforced plastic conform to the contour of the legs. They have joints at knee height and can be easily adjusted to the employee’s body size and desired sitting position and height. This makes it possible, for example, to use the exoskeleton across shifts together with colleagues. All textile parts belong to the personal equipment of each employee for hygienic reasons, while the “skeleton” can be shared.

Many activities in assembly, order picking, manufacturing, maintenance, and logistics demand an unhealthy posture and often force people to stand for hours.  The passive exoskeleton makes it possible to alternate between standing, sitting, and walking without making any workplace changes. This relieves the strain on the legs and supports a healthy and upright sitting posture. With the Chairless Chair, work should be easier, and employees less tired when they return home.

Ray Hu at has a phenomenal article on the 40-year history of the Chairless Chairs as a class of devices: Who Knew? The Wearable Chair Was Actually Invented 37 Years Ago

Certifications and Testing:

  • Long-term study AUDI & University of Tübingen: What influence does wearing the Chairless Chair have on postural control and muscle activity?
  • Short-term study Audi: Postural control during Chairless Chair use: influence of reaching for tools
  • Laboratory study AUDI, IfM Chemnitz & Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln: Evaluation of the influence of the exoskeleton “Chairless Chair” on the movement behaviour of humans during walking
  • Pre-study Briotix: Wearable ergonomics – using wearable sensors to evaluate exoskeletons in practice
  • Pre-study Ohio State University: Influence of the chairless chair on the lumbar spine and the muscle activity of the thigh during different work processes
  • Short-term study Fiat Chrysler: Physical and virtual assessment of a passive exoskeleton

Noonee Germany, GmbH, Heinrich-Otto-Str. 71, D-73240 Wendlingen, Germany, website

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