Chairless Chair

The Chairless Chair by Noonee is a rigid brace that can be activated at any time to lock into place, turning the exoskeleton into a chair.


The Chairless Chair (and similar) exoskeletons are based on prior research going back many decades to allow people to sit in nearly any situation.  Chairless Chairs type devices have been recorded being used in factories, surgical rooms, and public transportation.  It is designed to reduce fatigue from standing in place for too long.

Imagine a brain surgeon performing a delicate procedure for multiple hours standing over you.  Would you want to have the surgeon pay undivided attention to you or have them thinking of how much their legs are starting to ache?

Ray Hu at has a phenomenal article on the 40-year history of the Chairless Chairs: Who Knew? The Wearable Chair Was Actually Invented 37 Years Ago

Video from the Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation:

Noonee, European Union, website

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