Laevo V2

The Laevo is a passive hip exoskeleton.  The Laevo is designed to protect the spine during bending while working or lifting objects.

In 2016, the Laevo V2 (or Laevo Version 2) is undergoing considerable testing and trial runs at a multitude of businesses.  It is designed to prevent back injuries as well as alleviate the discomfort in individuals suffering from a prior back injury.


The Laevo V2 is a wearable chest and back support exoskeleton.  The Laevo transfers the from its chest pad to the thighs while bending forward.  The passive exoskeleton (works with gas springs, not motors) transfers part of the load away from the back muscles, reducing the pressure on the spinal column.  It provides a dampening effect on the back, reducing the risk of sudden back muscle contractions that needlessly overcompress the spine.

Design intent:

  • Take on and off like a coat
  • Adjustable with straps to fit wide variety of body sizes
  • No motors, no batteries
  • Simple maintenance
  • Quickly pays itself off by reducing sick time and injury claims due to back pain

Exoskeleton Report articles featuring the Laevo company: Laevo

Laevo B.V., Patrijsweg 30, 2289 EX, RIJSWIJK, The Netherlands, website

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