List of exoskeleton companies, businesses and startups:

This is a list of exoskeleton companies, businesses, start-ups and non-profits that have or are actively pursuing exoskeleton, exosuit, and wearable robotics products as of December 2016 in alphabetical order:

Note: The List of Exoskeleton Companies is now an ARCHIVE page.  Please refer to the Directory of Exoskeleton Companies and Organizations.  The directory already includes over 80 exoskeleton developers and related organizations.  The list below will be kept as archive material, as a snapshot of the exoskeleton industry in 2016.

20KTS+ (20 Knots Plus Ltd)20KTS (Twenty Knots Plus Ltd Company Logo)

Founded: 2014
Location: Chichester, United Kingdom

The MARINE MOJO is a new iteration of the SKI MOJO that has been re-designed to reduce injury and fatigue from the vibrations of fast moving small marine craft.  The MARINE MOJO is currently being tested by a number of Navies.


Founded: 2010
Location: Riga, Latvia, EU
Projects: AGAINER System

A small company that makes ski enhancement braces with gas-powered springs at the knees for shock absorption and weight transfer to the ski boots.

AlterGAlterG Company Logo

Founded: 2005
Location: Fremont, CA, US
Projects: Bionic Leg™

In 2013, AlterG acquired Tibion and the Bionic Leg.  The Bionic Leg is a single piece knee exoskeleton for rehabilitation with no backpack or other peripheral attachments.  AlterG does not actively advertise the Bionic Leg on social media, and it is not clear if the company will continue pursuing the technology.

AxoSuitAxoSuits Company Logo

Founded: 2013
Location: Oradea, Romania
Projects: AxoSuit

A small, two man company that is striving to create a 15-20,000€ lower body exoskeleton for paraplegics that still have some motor function in the legs (similar concept to Ekso).

B-TEMIALogo of B-TEMIA INC / B-Temia

Founded: 2010
Location: Quebec City, Canada
Projects: Revision Military Kinetic Operations Suit (PROWLER), KEEOGO

B-Temia is a human augmentation systems company that supplies Revision Military with powered exoskeletons.  B-Temia is also actively advertising its medical powered knee exoskeleton, the KEEOGO, at trade conferences such as WearRAcon16.

BAMA TEKNOLOJIBama Teknoloji Company Logo

Founded: 2010
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Projects: Robo Gait, Visio Gait

Bama Teknoloji specializes in fixed/suspended exoskeletons for interactive video rehabilitation.  Bama Teknoloji has gone in a very similar route to Hocoma and their Lokomat.

Bionic Power Logo SmallBionic Power

Founded: 2007
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Projects: PowerWalk Kinetic Energy Harvester

A spin-off from Simon Fraser University, Bionic Power specializes in a knee brace that harvests power while walking.  The power can be used to run small devices or recharge batteries.

Bionik LaboratoriesBionik Laboratories Company Logo

Founded: 2013
Location: Toronto, Canada
Projects: ARKE

The ARKE is a lower extremities rehabilitation exoskeleton.  Bionik Laboratories emphasizes the need for excellent data collection and handling and is collaborating with IBM to manage the data it collects.  The company is publicly traded under BNKL.

Bioservo Technologies Company Logo

Bioservo Technologies AB

Founded: 2006
Location: Kista, Sweden
Projects: Robotic Soft Extra Muscle (SEM) Glove

The SEM Glove is a patented, soft robotics glove for people with weak hand grip.  The SEM Glove is commercially available in the EU and Japan, and potentially soon in North America.


Founded: 2004
Location: Gakuen-Minami, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Projects: HAL®, Care Support – Lumbar, Living Support – Single Joint

This company established that making exoskeletons can be a viable business model.  CYBERDYNE is the leader in exoskeleton technology in Japan, and it recently opened a new separate R&D facility.

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine EngineeringDSME_Logo

Founded: 1978
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Projects: prototype phase

Similar to Lockheed Martin, DSME has announced that it plans to develop exoskeletons to assist workers in shipyards and other operations.

Daiya Industry Company LogoDaiya Industry Co., Ltd.

Founded: 1978
Location: Okayama, Japan
Projects: Pneumatic Power Assist Glove

Daiya Industry works with Japanese universities on commercializing soft exoskeletons.  The company is the distributor for the Pneumatic Power Assist Glove and specializes in medical wear.

Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc.Ekso-logo-medium_jpg

Founded: 2005
Location: Richmond, CA, USA
Projects: Ekso™, eLEGS™, HULC, ExoHiker, Ekso Works, Warrior Web

Formerly Berkeley Bionics, over the last decade this company has worked on various projects in conjunction with the US military.


Founded: 2012
Location: France
Projects: Exhauss

The Exhauss is a passive upper body exoskeleton for work & industry.  The user’s arms are connected to a large vest using a spring loaded arm on each side.  The Exhauss is commonly used to hold video cameras and stabilization gimbal.


Founded: 2013
Location: Moscow, Russia
Projects: ExoAtlet

This Russian startup company is developing exoskeletons primarily for medical rehabilitation and the army.

Focal Meditech BVfocal-meditech-company-logo-via-twitter

Founded: 1992
Location: Tilburg, The Netherlands
Projects:  ExoArm, Darwing

Focal Meditech focuses on assistive medical devices that promote independence and autonomy.  The company has a full line of Dynamic Arm Support end-effector exoskeletons.

Fourier Intelligence Logo (eng)Fourier Intelligence

Founded: 2015
Location: Shanghai, China
Projects:  Fourier M2, Fourier X (coming in 2017)

Fourier Intelligence is a high-tech company focusing on exoskeletons and rehabilitation robotics.   The M2 is an upper limb rehabilitation robot that received pre-approval from CFDA for the Chinese Market this year.  In March 2017 the company is planning to unveil its first lower limb exoskeleton.

Gobio Robot Twitter Logo 2016Gobio Robot

Founded: 2012
Location: Carquefou, France
Projects:  Distributor for various exoskeletons for work & industry

Gobio Robot has been extremely active demonstrating passive exoskeletons for work and industry such as the Laevo at multiple European trade shows.

Gogoa Company Logo SmallGOGOA Mobility Robots

Founded: 2015
Location: Gipuzkoa, Spain
Projects:  Hank, Hand of Hope

The Hank exoskeleton is a medical powered Hip-Knee-Ankle exoskeleton with at least 30 units already being tested.  The Hand of Hope is an EMG-driven power glove for hand (fingers) rehabilitation.

GoXtudioGoXtudio Company Logo Small

Founded: 2014
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

In their words: GoXtudio aims to develop wearable and robotics technology that enhances performance, quality of life, recreation and health.

Hocoma Company LogoHocoma

Founded: 1996
Location: Volketswil, Switzerland
Projects: LokomatPro, Armeo

Hocoma specializes in stationary lower and upper limb rehabilitation devices.  Its products are currently used in hundredths of hospitals worldwide.


Founded: 1948
Location: Japan
Projects: Stride Management and Bodyweight Support Assist

The company with the greatest experience in making robots walk is surely working on new exoskeleton devices beyond what is shown on their website.  In 2015, 100 trial units of the Stride Management hip exoskeleton were made available on lease.

Hyundai Motor CompanyHyundai Logo

Founded: 2010 (1947)
Location: Seoul, Korea
Projects: Hyundai Wearable Robotics for Walking Assistance and Industry

In August 2015 automaker giant Hyundai joined the ranks of other automakers researching exoskeleton technology: Honda and Daewoo.  Hyundai has started small with a knee only and modular hip-knee exoskeletons powered by electric motors that use harmonic drives for gear reduction.

Innophys Innophys Company Logo

Founded: 2013
Location: Tokyo Japan
Projects: Hip auxiliary muscle suit ®

Innophys is attempting to enter the exoskeleton systems market by producing a light and cheap (less than $6000) partial exoskeleton suit that provides power assistance to workers at risk of back injuries such as nurses and warehouse employees.

Interactive Motion TechnologiesIMTlogo

Founded: 1998
Location: Watertown, MA, USA
Projects: InMotion ANKLE™, InMotion WRIST™

Originating from MIT, Interactive Motion Technologies (IMT) specializes in neurorehabilitation.  In March 2016 Bionik Laboratories entered into a merger agreement with IMT.

Japet Company Logo


Founded: 2016
Location: Lille, France
Projects: ATLAS

The ATLAS is a powered lower back exoskeleton.  It is designed to remove some of the forces compressing the lower spine.

KineteK - Wearable Robotics Company LogoKinetek – Wearable Robotics

Founded: 2014
Location: Ghezzano, Italy
Projects: ALEx, Track-Hold

KineteK-Wearable Robotics is a spin-off of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and is aimed at commercializing fixed rehabilitation exoskeletons.

Kinetic Innovations

Founded: 2007
Location: Faygate, United Kingdom
Projects: Ski~Mojo

Ski-enhancement braces that use spring recoil to reduce stress and strain on the legs and knee joints during turns.

LaevoLaevo Company Logo Small

Founded: 2013
Location: Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Projects: Laevo

Laevo is developing a light and comfortable exoskeleton for work and industry that redistributes forces away from the user’s back muscles while bending forward.  Laevo had two suits for demonstrations at WearRAcon16, and the ExR team was left speechless!  Read more in our article: Laevo Presentation and Demo at WearRAcon16

Lockheed MartinLockheed_Martin_logo

Founded: 1995
Location: Maryland (Headquarters), USA
Projects: FORTIS, HULC

One of the world’s largest military contractors has created a passive exoskeleton that transfers weight from a person’s arms to the ground, allowing workers to hold heavy tools for extended periods of time.


Founded: 2014
Location: Madrid, Spain
Projects: Atlas 2020 & Atlas 2030

A start-up based from the Spanish Center For Automation and Technology.  Specializes and light weight rehabilitation exoskeletons, mainly for pediatric use.

MedEXO Robotics Company LogoMedEXO Robotics
Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong
Projects: Public-Affordable Upper Limb Exoskeleton

The MedEXO upper limb exoskeleton is a 3D printed arm and wrist exoskeleton designed for effective but economical tremor suppression.  The company is also looking into the possibility of a computer gaming application to supplement its funding.

MediTouch Company LogoMediTouch

Founded: 2004
Location: Netanya, Israel
Projects: HandTutor, ArmTutor, and BalanceTutor

MediTouch specializes in rehabilitation products that target individuals towards the end of their program.  For example, the BalanceTutor is a device that purposely tries to disturb the user so they can practice recovering their balance.

mitsubishi-heavy-industries smallMitsubishi Heavy Industries

Founded: 1934
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Projects: Power Assist Suit (PAS) For Nuclear Disasters

Mitsubishi labels their wearable robot as a Power Assist Suit or PAS.  It was exhibited at the Japanese International Robotic Exhibition (IREX 2015) in Tokyo, Japan and is undergoing testing with the help of ActiveLink.

Motorika Motorika Medical

Founded: 2004
Location: Isreal
Projects: ReoAmbulator, ReoGo

Motorika focuses on patient-specific exercises and rehabilitation using its fixed gait rehabilitation exoskeleton, the ReoAmbulator.


Founded: 2006
Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
Projects: MyoPro

A spin-off from MIT, Myomo makes a custom fit, motorized arm braces that use muscle EMG to control.

Noonee AGNoonee_AG_Logo

Founded: 2014
Location: Rüti, Switzerland
Projects: Chairless Chair ®

Noonee is a small start-up company working on a light exoskeleton than can stiffen to act as a chair.  Originally tested by workers in select Audi and BMW assembly lines.

Otherlab OrthoticsOtherlab Orthotics Company Logo

Founded: 2011(?)
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Projects: Inflatable Soft Exoskeleton

Otherlab Orthotics is decreasing the weight, cost and complexity of exoskeletons by using pneumatics (inflatable segments that expand to create movement).  The company is headed by one of the original designers of the Ekso by Ekso Bionics, Tim Swift.


Founded: 1919
Location: Duderstadt (Headquarters), Germany
Projects: C-Brace

One of the world’s largest prosthetics companies debuted it’s first bionic exoskeleton brace at the start of 2015 (developed in conjunction with Ekso Bionics).

Walkbot Logo

P&S Mechanics Co. Ltd.

Founded: 2004
Location: Seoul, Korea

P&S Mechanics develops, produces and commercializes the WALKBOT series of fixed frame gait rehabilitation exoskeletons.

Panasonic – ActivelinkPanasonic_Logo

Founded: 1918
Location: Kadoma, Japan
Projects: Power Loader Light,  Power Jacket – REALIVE

Panasonic and the Panasonic Group Company, Activelink have shown several different exoskeleton suits over the last few years.

Parker HannifinParker_Logo

Founded: 1918
Location: Ohio, USA (headquarters)
Projects: Indego

The Indego aims to deliver an easy to use exoskeleton for mobility challenged patients.

PhaseX ABPhasex AB Company Logo

Founded: 2015
Location: Gävle, Sweden, EU
Projects: Exo-Legs

PhaseX AB is attempting to commercialize the results of the Exo-Legs research project that ran from 2012 to 2015 in the EU.  The Exo-Legs is a mobile, lower extremities exoskeleton, that aims to improve the quality of life for the elderly with muscle weakness due to natural aging.


Founded: 2001
Location: Auxerre, France
Projects: Hercule

Specializes in “cobots” or collaborative robots.  The company unveiled a new augmentation lower body exoskeleton in 2016.

Rena Technology Company LogoReha Technology

Founded: 2011
Locations: Olten, Switzerland (offices in the U.S. and Germany)
Projects: G-EO System, Armotion

The G-EO System is a fixed, gait rehabilitation end-effector exoskeleton.  It uses pedals rather than a treadmill and can simulate stair climbing.

Rehab Robotics Company LogoRehab-Robotics

Founded: 2010
Locations: Hong Kong
Projects: Hand of Hope

The Hand of Hope is a fixed powered glove exoskeleton for rehabilitation.  It uses muscle EMG for control and has integrated visual feedback.  The Hand of Hope is manufactured and distributed by Rehab-Robotics with clinical evidence done by Polytechnic University.

ReWalk RoboticsReWalk-Robotics_logo

Founded: 2001
Locations: Marlborough, MA, USA,  Berlin, Germany, Yokneam Ilit, Israel
Projects: ReWalk™

ReWalk Robotics specializes exclusively in allowing people with paralysis to stand up and walk again.

Rex BionicsRex_Bionics_Logo

Founded: 2003
Location: Rosedale, New Zealand
Projects: Rex

Rex Bionics is building and testing exoskeletons for people with disabilities that do not require crutches or any other additional external supports.

Roki Robotics LogoRoki Robotics
Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, México
Projects: Roki

Roki is a modular, powered hip-knee exoskeleton for gait rehabilitation.  It is developed by the Mexican startup Roki Robotics in collaboration with multiple local universities and agencies.

Rotbot Systems Logo SmallRotbot Systems

Founded: 2014
Location: Nes Ziona, Israel
Projects: Crowd Sourced Industrial Exoskeleton

Rotbot Systems strives to be the first enterprise to create a fully crowd-funded exoskeleton for industrial use.

Sarcos LCXOSLogoContact_Small

Founded: 1983
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, CA
Projects: XOS 2, XOS 1

In 2007 Raytheon purchased Sarcos and its exoskeleton technology which was then bought by Sarcos LC in 2015.

Spring Active LogoSpring Active

Founded: 2012
Location: Tempe, Arizona, USA
Projects: Various government projects

If you got to the Spring Active website, you would be left with the impression that this is a prosthetics developer.  However, the company has worked on several exoskeleton projects over the last few years (primarily lower body exos).

SRI International – Super FlexSRI International Company Logo

Founded: 1977
Location: Menlo Park, California, USA
Projects: Super Flex Exosuit, Pediatric Soft Exosuit

SRI International is a nonprofit research center.  The SRI Robotics division has experience in energy efficient dynamic robot walking, exosuits and novel materials.  Recently Super Flex spun off as its company from SRI.


Founded: 2011
Location: NY, USA
Projects: V22 and FLx

Specializes in small, task-specific, passive devices.  It is possible that this approach might have a better chance of being quickly and widely accepted by the general public, paving the way for larger, motorized exoskeletons.  The V22 and FLx are now part of the 3M catalog.

Toyota LogoToyota

Founded: 1937
Location: Aichi, Japan
Projects: Walk Assist Robot

The Walk Assist Robot is a powered knee exoskeleton with an ankle brace.  It can be worn individually on either foot.  In 2016, members of the Toyota robotics team confirmed that the company is still actively researching wearable robotics technology.

Tyromotion LogoTyromotion GmbH

Founded: 2007
Location: Graz, Austria (branches in U.S. and Germany)
Projects: Amadeo, Diego, Tyrostation

Tyromotion is a world leader in upper body robotic rehabilitation.  The company offers wearable robotic solutions (usually end-effector style) from the shoulder to the fingers.

US Bionics / SuitXUS Bionics Company Logo

Founded: 2003
Location: Berkeley, CA, USA
Projects: Phoenix, MAX

The goal of this company is to explore the manufacturing of exoskeletons at a low cost.  Amazingly, US Bionics is in direct competition with Ekso Bionics, even though both companies were founded by Dr. Homayoon Kazerooni.  Recently the company has changed its name to SuitX.

Wandercraft-Exoskeleton Company LogoWandercraft-Exoskeleton

Founded: 2012
Location: Paris, France
Projects: ATLANTE

Wandercraft is developing a self-balancing powered exoskeleton for rehabilitation and mobility assistance.  The goal is to create an exoskeleton that is so reliable and intuitive that it can be used as a direct substitute to the wheelchair.

You can also view our map of exoskeleton companies here.

For more information on commercial exoskeletons, you can use our exoskeleton catalog.

Change log:

September 2016: Added 11 additional companies, Rehab-Robotics, Roki, Wandercraft, MediTouch, Reha Technology, Motorika, Tyromotion, MedExo Robotics, Exhauss, Spring Active, Toyota.  Various small edits to company descriptions (example, closure of Active Bionics)

December 2016:  Added: Japet, Walkbot, Fourier Intelligence and Focal Meditech.

Feb 2020: The List of Exoskeleton Companies is now an ARCHIVE page.  Please refer to the Directory of Exoskeleton Companies and Organizations.  The directory already includes over 80 exoskeleton developers and related organizations.  This list will be kept as archive material, as a snapshot of the exoskeleton industry in 2016.


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  • To all the companies that build exoskeleton’s would someone please contact me on how I can find who I can write or call about the correct type of product that would work best for me. I have not been able to walk since April 21 2009 du to a back surgery that damaged my spine and kicked in septic paraplegia I was born with, Please help me. I’m looking for a hand free design. Thank you
    Thomas Pozinski

    • The only hands free exoskeleton for people with complete paralysis is the Rex by Rex Bionics, but it is a very slow device and it has not been approved by the FDA. Does anyone know of any studies linking septic paraplegia with exoskeleton use?

    Dear Exoskeleton report team I will like you to add Gogoa to the list of manufactures
    We have develop HANK Exoskeleton for Lower limd rehabilitation and BELK for Knee rehabilitation

  • I cannot walk anymore due to bad surgery that took away my legs. Can someone give me names and phone numbers of companies selling exoskeleton pants?
    Thank you
    Marcel Bertrand

    • Hello sir, I am sorry to hear about the loss of the use of your legs. Unfortunately, there isn’t an exoskeleton device on the market that can restore full mobility. The only exoskeleton that can restore partial mobility to people with complete paralysis in the legs is the Rex by Rex Bionics. I would suggest that you start with their website.

  • Dear Sir/ Madam,

    My company manufacture commercial exoskeleton. Kindly please to put in the “List of exoskeleton companies, businesses and startups”. Here are the detail information:
    Founded: 2010
    Location: Hong Kong
    Projects: Hand Of Hope

    We manufacture and distribute Hand of Hope with clinical evidences done by Polytechnic University, It is a stationary Hand Exoskeletons For Rehabilitation, that uses muscle EMG to control.

    Should you have any queries, please let me know.
    Thank you for your kind attention.

  • Thank you for sending this e mail to me!,
    Does you company provide a lower extremity exoskeleton, and how can I become in touch with you,I can not walk since April 209 from a back surgery that went wrong.Please help me find you and see how we can get together.
    Thank you so very much,
    Thomas Pozinski (520=625=3126)

  • I have previously used the Lokomat and the Ekso. Where can I find the Lokomat in Phoenix? Also would try anything else. Thanks!

    • Hi Jim, I think your best bet is to call your local medical centers that have a rehabilitation department. I looked up Touchstone Rehabilitation in Phoenix and they don’t have any exoskeletons listed in their equipment & technologies page.

  • Hi all:

    We currently commercialize an exoskeleton called Exo-H2. In fact we are the first Spanish company commercializing an exoskeleton (since 2014).

    I don’t really know why we do not appear in the list above.

    Our company is called Technaid, and you can obtain more information at www Technaid com

  • Can someone help me with information about where exoskeletons are in use by caregivers to lift the elderly or sick?

    eg. hospitals, nursing homes etc.

    • The publically traded exoskeleton companies at this time are: Ekso Bionics, ReWalk, Cyberdyne, Bionik Labs, Bioservo, and Myomo. The stock tickers are NASDAQ: EKSO, NASDAQ: RWLK, TYO: 7779, OTCMKTS: BNKL, BIOS:SSFN Stockholm, NYSEAMERICAN: MYO. Your exact question was what is the sticker for the designer of the first exoskeleton brace, and it is hard to tell, as many of these projects were began a decade or more ago and product is different (for example, the Ekso, ReWalk, and CYBERDYNE products look alike, but they approach the same challenges differently).

      This question probably deserves its own article.

  • Thank You Bobby for this report, I have the other email with the company names, I believe you sent them to me. I going to go thru them and email the one that look they have a chance. Thank you again.

  • Hi Bobby,

    Thank you very much for that list, great work! Seems, your list will never stop growing!

    Let me add to it small, but already successfully commercialized project from Europe:


    Founded: 2013
    Location: Krakow, Poland
    Projects: Prodrobot, Automatised Gait Trainer for kids

    ProdRobot is a powered Hip-Knee-Ankle medical device based on the “air-walk” principle.

    Prodromus specializes in stationary lower limb rehabilitation devices for pediatric use /20 working units in Europe and Asia/. Similar robot for adults would be introduced late this year.

    Kind regards


  • It was just reported that a Ford Valencia plant is using exoskeletons. It appears there are two types of exoskeletons. Are you familiar with who the manufacturers are for these devices? One is Laevo but who is the other company? Curious, thanks!

    • For the last few months, the Ford Valencia plant has also been testing the EksoWorks Vest by Ekso Bionics. However, there are also videos and pictures circulating of an unmarked exoskeleton with no visible logos on it. The ExR team is also not 100% sure which one that is.

    • Yes, absolutely! The Levitate Airframe is one of the best selling exoskeletons on the market at the start of 2018! Stay tuned for a major update on the list of companies.

  • Great list! I saw news for SuitX n got interested in this topic; was browsing to see what companies out there in this field and so happy to see this page!
    I reside in Taiwan and know a Taiwan-based company “free bionics” also has commercialized exoskeleton. It’s currently being used in hospitals in Japan.
    Their site:



  • Nice to meet you guys
    So actually I am confusing about how it made.
    If it allows, could you offer me some ways to get the information about the exoskeleton manufacture and prices(don’t need really further details,just basic is ok)

  • Here exists an opportunity for forming a mutually rewarding long- term association between Companies, where under the Government of India initiative of a Technology Development Fund (TDF) that have now also identified Exoskeleton system as one of the key technologies which can also be developed through an Indian Company in collaboration with an International domain expert(s) with funding coming from the TDF in India. for details feel free to email

  • @Bobby the startup Exy – Empowering People, launched ExyOne aimed at reducing injuries by industry (arms, shoulders, back) in the industry. Its a local solution here in Brazil. Fully mechanical equipment, weighing 3.6 kg. Recognized in 2020 with the Brasil Design Award (Gold Award and Contest in the Machinery and Equipment category (gold in the category A ‘Cybernetics, Prosthesis and Bioengineering)

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