European Exoskeleton Ecosystem Map by EXSKALLERATE


The EXSKALLERATE Project published this month a digital map of European organizations connected to exoskeleton technology. The current map includes details on academia, public authorities, industry players, research, non-profits, and clusters connected to exo technology. This ecosystem map is meant to put together institutions that stand at the forefront of European exoskeleton innovation. You can find the map on the EXSKALLERATE website:

“The objective of such Ecosystem Mapping is to clearly identify and gather relevant exoskeleton stakeholders to have an overview of the complete innovation ecosystem in the field, mainly within Europe and especially in the NSR [North Sea Region]. Through this mapping, all stakeholders can benefit from new connections and expand the possibilities within their field of work.” The site also includes a form to request that your organization be added to the map.

Similar Efforts:

While the EXSKALLERTE has the latest and greatest mapping of exoskeleton involved parties, it is not the first or only map of its kind.

The American Bionics Project offers, also for free, the Bionics Industry Map. As of last access, the map has over 400 entries from the entire world, over a hundred of which are focused on exoskeleton technology. The map’s theme is to cover “key organizations involved with the research, development, and delivery of technologies that help people stand and walk.” You can access the American Bionics map through their website:

For those who have been following ExR since the beginning, our team also published a map of exoskeleton companies and organizations all the way back in distant 2015, but it has not been updated in a long time and, at this point, would need to be redone.

For those interested specifically in gait-assist medical exoskeletons, both Ekso Bionics and ReWalk Robotics have maps of physical rehabilitation centers that take advantage of their technology:


The EXSKALLERATE project is a three and half year effort to “accelerate the adoption of exoskeletons into construction and industrial manufacturing” in the North Sea Region countries. Interreg North Sea Region European Regional Development Fund financed the project. During its runtime, the organization has facilitated the piloting, evaluating, and documentation of occupational exoskeletons across dozens of sites. 

The project is now coming to its conclusion at the end of June 2023. However, there is an interest in continuing the collaboration and maintaining the momentum gained during the course of the project. It is unclear, as of yet, what shape or form EXSKALLERATE may take in the future. If it is a technology group, a trade association, or some other entity, the ExR team also believes that joint, community efforts like EXSKALLERATE are the key to increasing exo technology adoption.

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EXSKALLERATE main webpage:

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