12 Prolific Exoskeleton Technology Blogs Worth Following in 2023

12 Prolific Exoskeleton Technology Blogs Worth Following in 2023

The Exoskeleton Report has published more than 450 pages and articles since 2015 on exoskeleton technology. However, it isn’t the only source of information any longer. Below are 12 exo-related blogs that cater to various exo applications, providing even more valuable insights for those interested in the field:

ABLE Human Motion Logo 500px

ABLE Human Motion has an active news blog centered around their mobility assist powered lower-body exoskeleton. The blog has 120 entries, and while they are mostly centered specifically on the ABLE exoskeleton, they also include additional information on robotic physical rehabilitation, conferences, and events. Link: The news blog can be displayed in both English and Spanish.

Auxivo AG Company Logo Exoskeleton Directory 500

The Swiss company Auxivo, maker of passive support industrial/occupational exosuits, has a small but active news section with 15 entries and counting. Being a news blog, it is mostly focused on Auxivo’s products like the EduExo, and LiftSuit, but there are also articles on conferences and expos. Link:

Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton Directory 2021

Ekso Bionics appears to have merged its blog with the one from Indego, creating a large wealth of articles and information. Topics are centered around gait-assist powered exoskeletons like the Indego and EksoNR and their use. There is also some information on occupational exoskeletons based around Ekso Bionics efforts with shoulder support and tool-holding devices. There are over 80 articles on the Ekso Bionics blog, and it is worth exploring. Link:

ErgoSante-Logo-2022 Exoskeleton Report Directory of Exoskeleton Companies

The French ergonomics company ErgoSanté has a very active news section with well over 100 articles. Topics range from company news to occupational topics of all kinds. The ErgoSanté blog explores dozens of ergonomics topics, including exoskeletons, lighting, working from home, conferences, events, and much more. Take a look for yourself at:

The powered back support occupational exoskeleton producer German Bionic has a small but insightful blog that is separate from their company news. The blog has only a handful of entries at this point, but they are all relevant for exos in work and industry. You can examine the blog on their website:

The upper-body robotic physical rehabilitation maker, Houston Bionics, has a small blog that is laser-focused on stroke and the effects of stroke on the arms. The blog now has fewer than 20 entries but is one of the few on upper-body medical devices. Link:

The consumer shock-absorbing exoskeleton for skiing Ski Mojo has an active blog with almost 100 posts. The blog includes testimonials, surveys, and information on skiing, snowboarding, and enjoying the slopes with the help of their passive wearable device. Read more about hitting the powder with an exo on their news blog:

The passive back support exo producer Laevo has a news blog in social media style. It is centered around the Laevo and Laevo Flex, but also includes information on studies, use cases, trials, and trade shows. Unfortunately, not all posts are in English. There are dozens of entries and the list is growing:

Myomo, maker of the arm, custom motorized orthotic Myomo Pro has a small (about 20 posts) but active blog. The blog is centered around adapting to stroke, neurorehabilitation, and tips. The blog can be found here:

ReWalk Robotics, one of the first powered exoskeleton companies in the world, has an active and extensive blog on gait assist technology with almost 300 articles published! Main topics include their flagship products, the ReWalk and ReStore, but also information on reimbursement, neurological rehabilitation, living with spinal cord injury, and stroke. Link:

RoboCT Exoskeleton Directory 500

The Chinese lower-body powered exoskeleton manufacturer RoboCT doesn’t have so much of a blog as an extensive news feed. The feed features over 120 articles written between 2023 and 2018 on awards, presentations, and advancements in connection with the company’s wearable robotic devices. The English version can be found here:

Trexo Robotics, the maker of pediatric powered walking assist exoskeleton Trexo (now for home or clinical use), has a corner on their website labeled “thoughts.” It included information on cerebral palsy, the benefits of walking for children, updates on their devices, Q&A, inspirations, and much more. Link:

The Excellent Exo Chat Surpasses 5000 downloads Exoskeleton Podcast 2023

While not a “blog,” the Excellent Exo Chat podcast is a light-hearted and easy-to-follow resource on exoskeletons, wearable robotics, testing, and many comparable topics. The hosts, Bill and Nora, and their expert guests have spent dozens of hours crafting a simple dialogue that you won’t need a Ph.D. to understand. You can access it through the ET CoE website:

This is over 1500 articles related to exoskeleton technology between the Exoskeleton Report and the 12 active blogs mentioned above! This format has become popular. Who knew there was so much written about these wearables in the context of physical rehabilitation, assistance, injury prevention, and sports applications?

Don’t see your favorite exoskeleton technology-related blog here? Double-check to see that it hasn’t moved to LinkedIn, or let us know by using our Contact form.

May 12, 2023: Correction: an earlier version of the article listed Auxivo as a “Swedish” company. Auxivo is, in fact, a Swiss company.

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