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The RoboGolfPro® is a golf swing training device.  The user holds a custom golf stick by the handle while the robot is attached to the golf stick right below the handle.

The RoboGolfPro and user execute the same swing in complex 3D space once to thousands of times.  This is designed to build muscle memory and teaches a consistent swing that can be reproduced on the golf course.


The RoboGolfPro is an end effector robot that uses seven motors to generate prices replicas of complex golf swings.  The golf swings that the machine can execute do not have to be in the same plane.  The swings can be either theoretical or copies of those by successful professional golfers.

The RoboGolfPro uses the exact same methodology as any rehabilitation exoskeleton: repeat the same motion hundreds of times in exactly the same way.  This can be very beneficial to activities like golfing which require a high amount of precision and repetition, but it can also be used for archery, firearm shooting, etc.

This is a new class of robotics for education.  The military is also testing a similar device that limits the arm movements while shooting a pistol (even if they are very small movements).  Initial research showed that users scored much better at the shooting range after practicing with the military exoskeleton.



Exoskeleton Report does not endorse one exoskeleton product over another.  The exoskeleton catalog is purely for educational purposes.  The catalog is meant to provide an easily accessible birds-eye view of the exoskeleton industry, and a quick method to sort exoskeletons by type and purpose.  All prices are approximate and are meant to provide a general sense of the cost of the devices.

2 reviews for RoboGolfPro

  1. John Dunkirk

    This thing killed my niece. Wouldnt recommend for anyone with a niece. It’s got a good swing though.

  2. Scot W.R. Nei

    RoboGolfPro has finally figured out a way to make a difference in what seems to be the hardest sport for recreational players to figure out. Since the USGA has been keeping track of golf scores for over 200 years the average score has never changed! It is still sitting at 100! Now with RoboGolfPro as well as your Teaching Professional we have brought the average score for with RoboGolfPro down into a scoring average in the 80’s in just one year that students who have never touched a golf club to golfers who have been playing for years. Bryson DeChambeau, PGA Tour Player, RoboGolfPro owner and since owning his own has 6 wins and his first Ryder Cup in 2018. You can only get better after training on RoboGolfPro because it is perfect practice. Recommended reading is The Talent Code

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