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ReWalk Rehabilitation System is an exoskeleton designed primarily for clinical use.  It can also be used as a training tool for ReWalk Personal 6.0 for home use.

In 2016 the ReWalk is the preferred exoskeleton of choice for home use, and it is also used widely for walking rehabilitation.  There are nearly 200 units in active use throughout the world, and that number is expected to sharply increase.


Key attributes:

  • Approved by the FDA for clinical and home use for individuals with spinal cord injury (SPI).
  • Battery powered hip-knee exoskeleton.
  • Proven to work in clinical, home and city environments.
  • Regularly being improved and iterated (the 2016 ReWalk is now 6th revision)
  • Controlled by subtle changes in the user’s center of gravity.
  • Graphical user interphase for the physiotherapist’s control.
  • Structured training program for the rehabilitation teams purchasing the device.

The ReWalk Rehabilitation System is optimized for use in a clinical setting.  It is used as a tool to augment the capabilities of regular physiotherapy by providing a high number of consistent and reproducible steps.  ReWalk Rehabilitation is also used as a stepping stone towards individuals preparing to acquire ReWalk for personal use.

ReWalk for personal use is quickly becoming a popular supplemental device to the wheelchair.  There are ReWalk users that have been using their unit continuously twice a week (on average) for the last five years. Those users have become quite comfortable and proficient with their exoskeletons.

Exoskeleton Report has numerous articles on ReWalk Robotics.

ReWalk Robotics (formerly Argo Medical Technologies), Kochav Yokneam Building Floor 6 PO Box 161 Yokneam Ilit 20692, ISRAEL (note: the company has multiple headquarters, find the one nearest you), website

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    Looking Forward for the Joint Venture with Realcan and the approval of the new Soft Exo suit.

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