Atalante is being designed by the French startup Wandercraft. It is envisioned to be a completely autonomous lower-body exoskeleton that simulates natural movement and requires no additional balancing aids.


The Atalante by Wandercraft is designed to be a completely self-reliant walking system for people with mobility disabilities. It is a fully powered hip-knee-ankle exoskeleton with additional actuation at the hips for a total of 12 actuated degrees of freedom. Not only is the Atalante capable of self-balancing but it is also designed with a dynamic-walking control. Dynamic-walking allows the Atalante to consume significantly less power and have a more natural gait.

The Atalante is a tool for physical therapy. It is meant to be highly adjustable and be applicable for various stages of physical rehabilitation, re-mobiliation and exercises.

The design intent is for a:

  • Hip-Knee-Ankle lower-body powered exoskeleton
  • Self-Balancing
  • No need for crutches or a walker
  • Intuitive controls
  • Programming to navigate obstacles and provide a more natural gait
  • Adjustable level of assistance

Wandercraft (the company behind the Atalante exoskeleton) is a French startup founded in 2012.  Since then, it has attracted dozens of professors and engineers, as well as considerable financial backing. Keep an eye out on Wandercraft in the Exoskeleton Report news feed for the company.


Wandercraft at Cybathlon 2020

The Wandercraft team competed in the extemely challenging Cybatholon (Cyber Olympics) 2020 games. The exoskeleton was put through a series of timed challenges meant to simulate tasks of every day living.

Wandercraft, 88 rue de Rivoli, 75004 Paris, website

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