Kickstart is an ankle-knee-hip orthotic that stabilizes the leg and provides forward momentum using a proprietary elastic mechanism. Effectively, it is a passive gait-assist exoskeleton.


Is it possible to replicate the performance and benefits of robotic exoskeletons using a passive device that relies on elastic elements to store and release energy? Cadence Biomedical thinks so. The Kickstart is a motors & batteries free device inspired by horse anatomy that uses a single continuous tendon connecting the hip with the foot.

The Kickstart is meant for people recovering from a stroke, spinal cord injury, or a neurological condition such as multiple sclerosis. The wearable helps its user to maintain their mobility by stabilizing the leg and providing correct while assisting with each step. Kickstart is made specifically to help people walk again and return to a more independent lifestyle.

Cadence Biomedical, 7511 Greenwood Ave N #104, Seattle, WA 98103,

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  1. Jeffry Wu

    The Kickstart Walk Assist System for improving balance and walking function in stroke survivors: a feasibility study

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