EsoGLOVE Pro is a soft robotic exoskeleton technology for hand rehabilitation and assistance.


The EsoGLOVE Pro is a powered, pneumatic, soft robotic exoskeleton technology for hand rehabilitation and assistance. It is built by Roceso Technologies, and a prototype of it was demonstrated at the WearRAcon Wearable Robotics conference back in 2017 (link). The device is designed to be comfortable, lightweight, and user-friendly. It is meant to allow patients with neurological disorders such as Stroke to carry out rehabilitation in a safe environment. EsoGLOVE helps patients relearn and recover hand motor functions via action observation therapy through a series of passive and active exercises.

The EsoGlove Pro can be paired with arm support systems, such as the Armon Dynamic Arm Support also made by Roceso Technologies.

Certifications and/or 3rd party testing results:

  • IEC60601-1
  • IEC60601-1-2
  • EU CE Mark
  • FDA Registered
  • Singapore HSA Approval
  • Australia TGA Approval
  • Korea MFDS Approval
  • Japan PMDA Approval
  • Taiwan FDA Approval
  • Malaysia NPRA Approval

Regions and or countries where the exoskeleton can be purchased?

US, EU, Singapore, Australia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand

Weight of the device:

<200g for the glove

Roceso Technologies, Singapore, Central Singapore, website

Exoskeleton Report does not endorse one exoskeleton product over another.  The exoskeleton catalog is purely for educational purposes.  The catalog is meant to provide an easily accessible birds-eye view of the exoskeleton industry, and a quick method to sort exoskeletons by type and purpose.  All prices are approximate and are meant to provide a general sense of the cost of the devices.

This exoskeleton catalog entry has been made with the assistance of Stefano Carisi, MS in BioRobotics and Biomechanical Design from the Delft University of Technology an experienced product manager in human-machine collaboration.

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