The ReoAmbulator is a fixed powered lower body rehabilitation exoskeleton by Motorika.  Motorika’s goal is to provide a unique user based gait rehabilitation program.

There are already over 300 unit installations in the Northern Hemisphere.


Motorika is an Israeli medical robotics company founded in 2004 with headquarters in the U.S.  The company leverages exoskeleton technology to create a personalized rehabilitation strategy.  Because the ReoAmbulator is a fixed frame exoskeleton, the weight of the device is transferred directly into the ground. The user wears a harness suit which then attaches to an overhead harness which supports their body weight.  The suit also provides obstruction-free areas for the exoskeleton straps.

Similar to other fixed exoskeletons, the sensors in the ReoAmbulator can be used as a test station to numerically assess the mobility capabilities of the user before and after training begins.  This empowers Motorika to create a refined custom experience and to track the progress of each individual using the same equipment.

To make the rehabilitation more interactive, the exoskeleton controls are tied to a virtual reality simulator that can be loaded with various terrains, obstacles, and games.  The device can also provide verbal and audio feedback to the user.  In one of the modes, the screen illustrates the orientation and spacing of a perfect step pattern and the user attempts to match it (with and without power assistance).  The foot pattern can be adjusted on the spot by a coordinator.  Similar to most fixed frame rehabilitation exoskeletons a side panel allows for direct control of the system by a professional.

The ReoAmbulator can be used by individuals seeking gait rehabilitation due to a multitude of causes.  The device is designed to improve gait pattern, balance, weight bearing, speed coordination and endurance while walking.

ReoAmbulator, Motorika USA Inc., 523 Fellowship Road, Suit 230 Mount Laurel, NJ 08054, website

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