MyoPro® by Myomo Inc is a powered hand and elbow orthosis.  While it was originally designed as a rehabilitation tool, it is now marketed as a mobile assistive device for everyday use.  The goal of the MyoPro is to return functionality to the arm and hand to enable the execution of everyday tasks.


MyoPro Motion-G elbow-hand orthosis is an assistive device based on research starting from 1990.   One application is for people who are unable to regain 100% functionality of their arm and hand after suffering a paralysis due to stroke.

The MyoPro uses intuitive controls by detecting EMG signals.  The powered brace amplifies the signal to help bend the arm and hand in the desired direction.  The MyoPro has customizable exterior device covers to make it feel more personal.

Design Benefits:

  • Empowers a user to complete additional functional tasks by enabling grasping and releasing of objects along with elbow flexion and extension.
  • Promotes independent activity and safety through functional assistance.

Clinical Criteria

The MyoPro Motion-G may provide functional benefit for individuals with hemiparesis.  Other criteria include:

  • Ambulatory
  • Viable proximal and distal EMG signal
  • Appropriate passive range of motion
    • Wrist extends to neutral position or further
    • Hand and fingers to full extension
  • Intact cognition

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Myomo Inc. One Broadway, 14th Floor – Cambridge, MA 02142, U.S., website

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