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Roki by Roki Robotics is a modular, powered lower body rehabilitation hip-knee exoskeleton.  It is designed by a startup company in Mexico in association with a multitude of local academic and business groups.

In 2016, the Roki exoskeleton could only be rented within Mexico.


The Roki competed in the Cybathlon Exoskeleton Race in October 2016.  While it did not finish in the top four, it was a testament to the drive of the development team who threw one of the newest rehabilitation exoskeletons in the world on the most brutal exoskeleton obstacle course ever seen.

Roki Robotics, Calzada Circunvalación Poniente No. 49, Ciudad Granja CP 45010, Zapopan, Jalisco, México, website

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4 reviews for Roki

  1. Chueco Pacheco

    ROKI is for sale and it is the most accesible exoskeleton in the world, it is an awesome exo!!

    • Bobby Marinov

      Could you share more information with everyone on the ROKI exoskeleton? As of October 2016 there is only a short video on their website and their performance at the Cybathlon.

  2. Chueco Pacheco

    Actually I just saw it on their Facebook page.

    • Bobby Marinov

      They just competed at Cybathlon and did very well for a new exoskeleton developer.

  3. Chueco Pacheco

    Yeah! I think the same.

  4. James Lonneville

    I used a prototype.Excellent unit.The best in class for the price.

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