The Yidong-Arm1 is a robotic physical rehabilitation equipment designed with intelligent computer technology. It can help move the right or left arm of a patient repeatedly and consistently.


The Yidong-Arm1 by Buffalo Robot Tech is a wheeled medical robot for the physical rehabilitation of the arms. From the point of view of ExR, it is a fixed frame medical exoskeleton that can’t travel with the patient but can provide assistance or resistance between one or more joints in the arms. The Yidon-Arm1 includes 6 degrees of freedom of motion. The goal is to carry out functional movement training that simulates and prepares the user for activities of every day life.

Includes six training modes:

  • Active: the patient initiates movement
  • Passive: single or multi-joint
  • Mixed: perfect for focusing on a single joint
  • Resistance: the wearable selectively resists the motion of the user as a training device
  • Teaching mode: the therapist drives the wearable
  • Prescription: simulates specific tasks

The intelligent architecture allows for data acquisition, evaluation, progress monitoring, and interactive games. It is designed for individuals with Upper limb dysfunction caused by nervous system injury, such as cerebral injury, spinal cord injury, or stroke. It should also be suitable for those with neuropathy and upper limb movement disorders after upper limb surgery.

Buffalo Robot Tech Co., Ltd., No.888, Tianfu Ave, SiChuan, Chengdu 610213, China, https://www.buffalo-robot.com/

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