The UPLIFT™ exoskeleton is a non-powered exoskeleton that uses elastics and other mechanisms to store and restore potential energy to the user, assisting in carrying and manipulating heavy objects. The UPLIFT™ exoskeleton comprises three interconnected modules that provide knee actuation, back support, and shoulder assistance. The modular design allows the assistance to be adapted to the user’s needs and preferences, providing optimized help for the user and the task performed.


The UPLIFT™ exoskeleton is designed to assist the user during various activities involving load-handling tasks. This non-powered system has three main modules that allow it to simultaneously or individually assist the user’s knees, back, and shoulders. Due to its assistance capacity, this system contributes to improving the safety and health of workers (reduction of the risks of injuries related to the handling and manipulation of loads) when they lift and transport objects by reducing the stresses applied to the musculoskeletal system of the user.

The Key Features of this system are:
• Assists up to 3 joints with Mechanical Passive Systems: Shoulders, Back, and Knees;
• Modular and Tunable Assistance to follow the user’s needs;
• Very Low Restriction to Movement;
• Sizing strategy for different morphologies
• Optimized weight

The highly modular nature of the UPLIFT™ allows it to be closely configured to the specific needs of a customer’s site. This passive exoskeleton is built on the years of experience that Mawashi has accumulated with passive and load-transferring exoskeletons.

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