The EasyWalk Assistive Soft Exoskeleton Walker is a powered ankle exoskeleton developed by Siyi Intelligent Technology.


The EasyWalk Assistive Soft Exoskeleton Walker is developed by the Chinese manufacturer Siyi Intelligent Technology. This is a Bowden-cable driven exosuit for physical rehabilitation and walking assistance. It is designed primarily as a tool for the physical rehabilitation of stroke patients, however, the company hopes to expand the usability to a wider array of mobility ailments.

The entire soft exoskeleton reportedly comes to 3kg as it does not include a rigid frame. The motors and controllers are housed around the waist of the user and provide actuation to the ankles. The controller also collects data sensory data with the goal of predicting the walking mode (flat, downhill, stairs, etc…)

The EasyWalk was first unveiled at the 84th China International Medical Equipment Fair CMEF (5.13-5.16) held in Shanghai.

Shanghai SiYi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, East Area,5F, No.26, Lane 3399, Kangxin Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, website

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