The BalanceTutor may look like a simple treadmill with a body weight support harness and a computer screen.  However, while it functionally has all of those components, it is so much more.  The BalanceTutor is designed to purposely unbalance the user, simulating a slip or a loss of balance condition.

Learning how to recover and stop a fall from occurring after the initial loss of balance is critical to independent living.   The BalanceTutor provides a training system that focuses on perturbation training.


As the name suggests, the BalanceTutor is a gait rehabilitation system designed for people to train recovering their balance.  It is not a wearable exoskeleton, but it is a medical rehabilitation robot and it shares many of the control and user interface mechanisms of an exoskeleton.

The BalanceTutor introduces an imbalance by speeding up or slowing down its treadmill or by sliding the entire treadmill side to side.  Sensors are attached to the legs or embedded in the base of the device.  In an ideal gait rehabilitation program, a patient will start on a wearable robot that can fully support their weight, then shift to a mobile gait rehabilitation exoskeleton which will allow them to walk outside and finally graduate to a gait disturbance device, challenging them to relearn to quickly respond to a loss of balance.  The machine can be used while walking forward, backward or side to side.  It can be used in conjunction with a prosthetic or an exoskeleton (the goal is the same, to relearn how to handle a gait disturbance).

Technically, the device introduces controlled but unexpected perturbations, promoting faster muscle response and control.  The BalanceTutor is FDA and CE approved.  It is designed to be used with people recovering from a gait disorder, retraining seniors and getting injured professional athletes up to speed faster.

MediTouch 45 Hamelacha, Poleg Industrial Zone, Netanya, Israel. Zip: 42505, PO Box: 8306, website

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