Xothotics Full Bodyweight Offloading Exoskeleton System is an ankle-knee-hip orthotic stabilizing the leg and simultaneously offering gravity compensation.

Unlike almost all other exoskeletons, which rely on the user’s own human skeleton to be intact and to support their own body, the Xothotics Full Bodyweight Offloading Exoskeleton is designed to replace the missing human skeleton—i.e., it is a true ‘external skeleton.’

Following very extensive surgery for bone cancer, where her right side hip joint, pelvis, and top of her femur were totally removed with no replacement or reconstruction performed, Jane was left with only one option of 2 crutches or a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

The unique design of the Xothotics system replaces the human hip joint and allows the user to stand for hours, walk extensive distances with one crutch, and even walk with no crutches.



In 2016, Jane was diagnosed with chondrosarcoma (bone cancer) in her right hip and pelvis. Surgeons said the only treatment was to remove ALL of her right pelvis and the top of her femur in a procedure called an internal hemipelvectomy. This is NOT a ‘hip replacement’ – this is total hip/pelvis bone structure removal with nothing put back in its place.

This left Jane with no internal skeleton to support her right leg, meaning she could not bear weight at all. The only outlook was 2 crutches or a wheelchair and a parting wish from the surgeons of ‘Best of Luck’!

In 2024, after 3 years of development:

With the help of this new exoskeleton, Jane is able to walk and exercise in a totally new way. She has regularly walked over a mile with one crutch and just recently learned to walk unaided—with no crutches! She can stand and work for hours, which was previously impossible. Try standing on one leg and see how long you last.

Xothotics Full Bodyweight Offloading Exoskeleton System is a Unique Solution:

ALL other exoskeletons in ExR’s device catalog require the user’s own human skeleton to support their body weight. Thus, the exoskeleton is really a ‘machine/vehicle’ that carries or moves with the user’s own body. This new exoskeleton is a ‘real external skeleton’ in that it replaces the missing human skeleton and is, therefore, fully weight-bearing.

This is a passive system that does not need batteries, computers, motors, springs, or sensors. It is totally ‘human-powered.’ The design is meant to be sleek and comfortable and can be worn under some types of clothing. It can be fitted in approximately 30 seconds and removed in 10 seconds.

What are the alternatives?

To date, there has been nothing available to help such patients walk.

Historically, they were offered a shoe raise to compensate for their shortened leg and were encouraged to ‘walk’ resulting in a pronounced limp and the proximal end of the femur pistoning into their internal organs, which in itself is extremely uncomfortable and usually resulted in damage and curvature to their spine! Fortunately such practice is no longer recommended, but no real alternative is offered to those who want to walk again.

There are no true hip-offloading devices on the market today. There are ‘hip braces’ that apply compression or side pressure, but they DO NOT offload the patient’s weight and are not strong enough to be fully weight-bearing. This is where the Xothotics Full Bodyweight Offloading Exoskeleton System offers something truly new and revolutionary.


As of April 2024, this solution is still unavailable for direct purchase.

Xothotics Ltd, website

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