The shoulderX is a passive arm support exoskeleton for work and industry.  This wearable exoskeleton is designed to remove some of the loads from the shoulders while performing sustained work at waist to overhead level with light to moderate weight tools.

The shoulderX can be used independently or combined with the backX and legX by SuitX to form the MAX knee-hip-shoulders passive exoskeleton solution.


Design notes from the manufacturer: shoulderX is a revolutionary industrial arm exoskeleton developed in collaboration with UC Berkeley through numerous field evaluations across a range of industries.  shoulderX augments its wearer by reducing gravity-induced forces at the shoulder complex, enabling the wearer to perform chest to ceiling level tasks for longer durations and with less effort.  shoulderX balances the combined weight of the wearer’s arm and tools they are holding throughout the body’s range of motion, and can be quickly tuned for different levels of support.  An anthropometric profile and adjustable sizing allow for natural movement and intuitive awareness of the wearer’s position within tight spaces.

Another feature of the shoulderX is the special attention to integration with already existing safety equipment.  It can be worn with standard safety harnesses and tool belts.

This is a completely passive device and requires no batteries to operate.

Video of the shoulderX being utilized:

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